The Pulse Of Awakening review by Sybreed

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  • Released: Nov 16, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (14 votes)
Sybreed: The Pulse Of Awakening

Sound — 9
With a good two years from Sybreed's last album, The Pulse Of Awakening has been released! The band has awed fans with their groove and industrial influences, with most songs having very fun rhythms to listen to, and very entertaining vocals to give an up beat dance party remix! With this being said, it is true that Sybreed is back and better than ever! This album has very few flaws, with maybe the clean vocals getting on some people's nerves, which is hard to imagine, especially with a vocal structure which could arguably be in relation to H.I.M.'s vocalist Ville Valo, except for the sometimes nasalness. The difference is this band named Sybreed has a heavier sound and a grooving drummer with great guitarists backed behind it. These crazy rhythm structures can be seen in the song AEON. The entire song is filled with great drumming and instrumental works that it really does give you a good sense of how the band operates. They are fast, groovy, yet have a great sense of incorporating heavy music into each song. Not only can they be heavy, but the melodies they create are just so perfect, this is perfectly shown with multiple songs, like Doomsday Party and Lucifer Effect. Some songs even give an 80's pop dance effect, like Doomsday Party. The album is mixed beautifully with ever instrument being heard clearly at some point, even the eerie sounding synthesizers. This album will give listeners a new view on the sound of metal, and how this band is making it come back!

Lyrics — 7
Vocalist Ben is a genius with constructing vocal melodies over existing melodies in songs. His screeching screams are perfectly executed, not one seemed to be out of place or unneeded. His screams give the band an extra sense of heavy and give off a more death metal vibe. Then the mood changes with his somewhat nasally, but pretty decent singing. It changes even more with his dancey sythed up voices put effectively in use on the song Doomsday Party. With a voice that can be matched too Ville Valo, Mike Patton, and even Petri Lindroos, where can you go wrong with the singing on this album!

Overall Impression — 9
This album bypasses all other Sybreed albums, and many other albums recently released in the metal scene. With so many different influences raging in one album, it is sure to please almost every true fan of metal. I love the technicality of the music, with so many advanced rhythms that it makes someone think differently of how important each and every rhythm is to a song. The most impressive songs on the album have to be Doomsday Party (surprised?), I Am Ultraviolence, and Meridian AD. With ear shattering aggression, some of the craziest vocals I have ever heard, and crazy pulse like rhythms, this album really is The Pulse of Awakening.

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    Awesome, I'll have to check this out. I got the last album because Dirk V. was on it. Sad to see he's not on this one, but Sybreed's still a pretty cool band.
    flacid wiener
    being a sybreed fan prior to this album, i am severely disappointed. these guys went soft and more towards pop-metal. and really? doomsday party as the best song? jesus christ, go listen to one of their older songs bioactive or decoy. bad album and bad review.
    Pretty non-specific review. Obviously not used to doing them :3 But still, I havent listened to his fully but AEON is a pretty decent song none-the-less. Nest day will never come, thats their best song.
    Weird people on here. The Pulse of Awakening is definetely the best Sybreed album. I dont think the best Sybreed song is on it, but overall, it's the best album imho.