Conclusion Of An Age review by Sylosis

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  • Released: Oct 28, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (63 votes)
Sylosis: Conclusion Of An Age

Sound — 9
Everything I've heard from Sylosis has been impressive, but this release makes them even more incredible. They are kind of a mixture of All That Remains and Trivium. This is their first full-length CD (other releases are EP's). I didn't find out that they were releasing a new album until about a month ago (due to the lack of popularity). But with Conclusion of An Age, I'm sure their popularity will rise. Along with the help of their new record label, Nuclear Blast.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics in Conclusion of An Age are pretty interesting and well written. The main theme of the album is about "the direction in which the planet is heading and the consequences humanity will face." The album does go over other areas, but the main subject is "the idea of mankind destroying itself through war, self-indulgence, religion etc., and how the earth is being ravaged by humanity to the point of being destroyed but how the earth's might will eventually prevail!"- Jamie (vocalist). But as for the vocal skills itself are impressive. Jamie covers a lot of the metal-genre type vocals and does it extremely well.

Overall Impression — 9
Conclusion of An Age is Sylosis' best work yet. Some of my favorite songs are After Lifeless Years, The Blackest Skyline, and The Last Remaining Light. Guitars are amazing, sweet drumming, some beefy bass, and intense vocals; They all come together to make one hell of an album. If it were stolen, of course I would buy it again! And I hope Sylosis' popularity grows and they get the attention they deserve.

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    undeaded wrote: Good album. The Supreme Opressor was so much better.
    i disagree, i think theyve shown alot more promise, technical ability and musicianship in their latest release, hopefully they'll go on to do even better
    Cronuka wrote: ---to me they sound like metalcore =/
    They do have metalcore elements to it, but they aim for an 80's shred sound, with a metalcore sound to them with some solid thrash :S But i love this album, i consider it thrash though/melo thrash. I'd rather listen to sylosis than the big four of thrash anyday
    I think, like i said in the review, this is their best work. This album is just amazing.
    Roy: This album is great, the riffs are very ingenius , and cause its theyre first full album i think the work very good. for roadrunner put and eye with them is not any thing. i mean they are very good misicians. the songs are full of differents goods riffs. I like this Band, i hope that they have a lot of successful.
    I adore this album, been following Sylosis on and off for quite a while now, and this is defintiely their best work. I don't know why you said they're a Trivium/All That Remains mix though, that implies they'd play run of the mill metalcore with borderline poppy choruses. If anything I'd say they're more like Death/At The Gates/Forbidden. Quite progressive and very thrashy.
    saw them at Sonisphere UK, for my mind the most brutal pit of the weekend. Totally converted. Great album.
    forgott to say i luv the band man they just instanly grew on me as soon as i lisened to them so go out and buy their shit! XD
    honestly i think thats sylosis is like more of a as i lay dying and trivum mix. ---to me they sound like metalcore =/