Iconoclast review by Symphony X

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  • Released: Jun 17, 2011
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.3 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.9 (45 votes)
Symphony X: Iconoclast

Sound — 6
Symphony X is awesome. I'm going to start with that line. This album is not up to par. Symphony X, known for odd time signatures, dissonance and D standard do just that on this album; play almost only minor 2nds and in time signatures that aren't catchy. I saw them in February, where they played two songs from this album, "Dehumanized" and "End Of Innocence". I liked "Dehumanized" and thought End of Innocence was okay. The album goes downhill from there. Its predecessor, "Paradise Lost", had PLENTY of prog metal riffs that weren't in 4/4 that were catchy as f--k, but this albums just lacks that. None of the riffs stay in your head like they did on "Paradise Lost". To sum it up, they can do a lot better.

Lyrics — 7
According to Russell Allen and Michael Romeo, the album is about the encounter of machine and man, some weird prog crap like that. If you're listening to Symphony X, you probably don't listen to the lyrics (but definitely the singing). I think Russell's addition of swears to this album's lyrics make them seem very forced, like he's really TRYING to seem metal, but it feels out of place on a prog metal record. Russell Allen is still amazing though.

Overall Impression — 6
I think it's one of their worst albums to date. I just don't like it. As soon as I start a song on my iPod, I just feel forced to change to something else, something from the good ol' days of Symphony X, like "Sea Of Lies" or "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy". Oh well, I guess I'll just have to make to with this while I wait for Mike Mangini's band (what are they called again?) to release something awesome.

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    I don't agree with Dream Floyd's review or find his review-scores fitting for the album. This album is a 9+ album in all scores.
    I haven't listened to it too many times, but i'm not 100% sold on it, bits are fantastic (iconoclast, end of innocence, dehumanised) while some is in my opinion subpar. I will however say that "When All Is Lost" is perhaps one of the best songs, they, or any other prog metal band, have EVER written.
    The cover reminds me a bit of The Shivering Isles.Four long years.Worth the wait,for the better part.
    Man some people need to learn to be objective and not open with First I'd like to say Symphony x is my favourite.
    I bet 90% of the people who are saying that the album sucks would take their word back if they listened to the album for some 5 or 6 more times. And yes there are some songs that seem repetitive but the majority of the songs compensate those ones.
    upped the ante on the metal part for sure, some incredible chops here, but it lacks the mellow prog goodness that's part of their sound...
    I totally agree on the mellow prog goddness stuff.. I miss the new mythology suite and odessy approach. Though it is a must have album and it mixes great with the former songs. My favorite would be Light up teh night; fast and melodic
    Amazing album. As usual, Michael Romeo makes me want to quit guitar.
    Diven wrote: Amazing album. As usual, Michael Romeo makes me want to quit guitar.
    This... I should have never watched his demos on youtube... damnit!
    Well guys... I can say that Im not a die hard fan oft this band, but Im a BIG fan. Based on my personal heavy taste, I can say that this band is getting better and better as the years passes by... DAMN!!!! THE HEAVIER, THE GREATEST!!!! What a fantastic album we are blessed to have in our hands... great guitar work, drums... I wont even mention the vocal job Mr. Allen did on this album. In resume, get your butt out of the chair and go buy this record on the nearest store!!!!
    It's more straight forward metal than progressive. Not exactly what i was hoping for, but i like it. not as much as the previous albums, but i definitely enjoyed the album.
    This albums sucks almost at 90%, obviously theyre going commercial, atleast this is not progressive anymore. just hear on the breath of poseidon and i have noticed they have been killed by nuclear blast and remplaced with a default metal band.
    Yeah, let's go commercial by being heavier and having long ass songs like this album. Fucking moron. The more I see older posts in this site the more i want to tear my head.