Paradise Lost review by Symphony X

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  • Released: Jun 21, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (134 votes)
Symphony X: Paradise Lost

Sound — 8
Paradise Lost is a pretty solid album through and through. However, the music seems to have lost a bit of it's "Symphony X feel". It is a very heavy album that flows together well. If you are looking for very fast, strong, and in your face metal this is the best it gets. It even includes a few ballads that do give you a taste of the more melodic Symphony X your are used to. My only complaint would be that this album seems to focus much more on guitar than other instruments.

Lyrics — 10
Amazing. If you are at all fimiliar with Milton's epic poem by the same name you will probably find the lyrics to all that much more amazing. The words paint an incredibly vivid picture that tells you the message it means to convey without having to listen twice. The harder heavier tracks have a much darker theme that fits very well, and the softer lyrics sound beautifully while harmonizing with the sensational music scores. With Russell Allen behind the mic you can't expect anything less than a masterpiece as far as lyrics and vocal ability goes... And as always, he delivers.

Overall Impression — 9
Don't get me wrong Paradise lost is an amazing album with much to offer. However, it seems that it has wandered off abit from the sound of older albums. Still, it's an amazing album with much to offer. The title track is a very powerful ballad that you should check out even if you have no plans to buy this album, hardcore fans and classical fans alike are sure to love it and again, Allens vocals do not dissapoint.I would also strongly suggest to listen to The Eve of Seduction, another very strong track. I very much enjoyed how far Allen has been coming along with his vocals. This album shows his diversity and power to an extreme. However, I am quite disapointed in the lack of keyboard solos and groovy bass riffs, though they are still hidden in here. All in all it is an amazing album that belongs on the shelf of any fan of progressive metal, if not any metal fan. Highly recomended.

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    i liked the album. DWoT is my fav but this is still one of my fav albums. My fav tracks are "The Walls of Babylon" because of its awesome intro then pounding heavy riffs and brutal vocals. Also so STWoF is awesome and domination! Other than that the other songs didnt catch my ear that much, but ill give it 7/10