The Divine Wings Of Tragedy Review

artist: Symphony X date: 01/15/2007 category: compact discs
Symphony X: The Divine Wings Of Tragedy
Released: 1997
Genre: Rock
Styles: Neo-Classical Metal, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal
Number Of Tracks: 9
While this recording may not be quite the classic that it is often heralded to be, it is a noteworthy addition to the annals of progressive metal.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 10
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy Reviewed by: PsychoWolfD, on may 24, 2005
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Sound: My first encounter with the music of Symphony X was through a good friend who let me listen to "Sea Of Lies," from this album. I was very impressed, but I had yet to hear the rest of the album, which I did when he let me borrow the cd at one point and eventually bought my own. This is one of those CDs where you just cannot ignore every song. I loved the distortion of the guitar. Kinda reminded me of Dimebag Darrell in heaviness, while the guitar technique is influenced by neo-classical metal guitarists such as Randy Rhoads and Yngwie Malmsteen (by the way he even looks like him a bit to me). You got to check out the fast guitar-tapping/solo in "Sea Of Lies." Seriously, few can do it at that speed, and its sounds extra-beautiful with the keyboard accompaniment. Michael Romeo is one of the guitarists that keep the flame of prog-metal musicianship alive. I had to get this online, for they don't sell it or any other SX CDs in any store this area of Florida. Keyboards (Mike Pinella) really stand out while they solo. There is super-technical bass work also (by Thomas Miller). Jason Rullo I also praise for keeping up the intricate rhythms with drums. // 10

Lyrics: Very skilled singer, Russell Allen. He has many influences in his singing, from rock to country, etc. He can sing very forcefully or go smooth balladic. He can go rather high in the smooth singing, and when he goes low he does it strongly so his voice is still distinguishable. Gotta love him. This is the best singing compared to all those screaming death-metal vocalists that repeatedly scream or whatever. The lyrics are what you'd expect in the medieval and mythical themes of fantasy metal. Lyrics are written variously by singer R. Allen, guitarist M. Romeo, and bassist T. Miller. 01. Of Sins And Shadows - starts out with a driving heavy rhythm, then the harmonizing keyboards jump in. Somewhat dark-ish lyrics here, and there are choir-backup vocals that would, at times, remind you of Bohemian Rhapsody (lol), which is a positive thing. Great work - 9/10. 02. Sea Of Lies - the song that got me into SX. Starts off with a keyboard chord with a fast bass riff, and the M. Romeo crushes in with speed metal riffage, and we have powerful singing by R. Allen, and after he finishes the first verse there is some hard-ass guitar sweeping before entering the chorus (I like the keys during it). After the 2nd chorus, enters the first solo, then the signature guitar tapping part with keys, the BEST moment of the song. There is another solo after that, and when the riffs seem to tell you that the song is wrapping up, here comes that tapping part again! (All of you MUST admit that Romeo is one hard-working guitarist, man). We go through another round of rhythm (Russell sings "Lies... lies... ") and the song's done. For a 4-minuter, this is a quality song. You have to hear it - 10/10. 03. Out Of The Ashes - awesome progressive keyboard leads and guitar rhythm at the beginning. Powerful singing in the verses. Clean singing in the choruses accompanied by some chorus-y backvocals. Very good, worth giving fullest attention - 8/10. 04. The Accolade - We slow down with this 9 minute plus song with softer singing. Lyrics of a knight in armor being accepted into knighthood and a code of honor through an accolade. Still powerful guitarwork, but we hear a lot of clean sounds too, and makes the music glorious with brilliant melodies as the lyrics are very honorable and graceful. We have several guitar and keyboard solos here and there. So much this great band has to offer, what more could you ask for? Also, watch out for its sequel on 'The Odyssey' - 10/10. 05. Pharaoh - this is a great piece. Arabic-style keyboarding to match the obvious topic of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh king. Good driving guitars. Singing style: slow, forceful and catchy to match the lyrics. "Pharaoh's curse upon you, those who invade his sacred ground" - 8/10. 06. The Eyes Of Medusa - wicked song. Lyrics and singing style passionate here, talks of endless, timeless, faceless terror, ageless torture, when caught by the eyes of Medusa (the only mortal Gorgon according to mythology). I like the tempo changes that occur suddenly during the choruses. Nice instrumentation, I'll say - 9/10. 07. The Witching Hour - more lighter tone here in singing, more melodic, but not balladic; strong guitarwork/keyboarding. Definately worth listening - 8/10. 08. The Divine Wings Of Tragedy - the epic track spanning over twenty minutes. I. 'At The Four Corners Of The Earth' - there is only a choir here that fills your ears with pure melody. Lyrics are by M. Romeo and M. Pinella. "Eternal is my pain that leads me into thrones of temptation..." II. 'In The Room Of Thrones' - instrumental with driving rhythms, an guitars, keys and bass (sort of) take turns in soloing. III. 'A Gathering Of Angels' - harmonious clean guitar and piano here, smoother singing. "Feel my wings slowly fading, forever lost in time- I cry..." IV. 'The Wrath Divine' - gets a bit powerful here. Talks about when a peaceful world falls to a level of chaos. V. 'The Prophet's Cry' - the heaviest part of the epic, R. Allen's at his most powerful. The prophet predicts war and doom in the future. VI. 'Bringer Of The Apocalypse' - instrumental sequence, very extended, filled with guitar/keyboard solos and dynamic tempo changes. It becomes more melodic as it goes on, and leads to... VII. 'Paradise Regained' - smooth singing that tells of a new world rising, and paradise beginning again. Very encouraging, and ends the epic gracefully. left an impression in my heart that would remain forever. By all means, hear this one straight through - overall 10/10. 09. candlelight Fantasia - ballad-style song, depicts inner pain and depression, sort of about being held captive by yourself or something. However, sung beautifully, with occasional tempo changes. Melodic and passionate music. The chorus is just so beautiful. Exemplary way to wrap up on the album - 9/10. // 10

Overall Impression: Very underrated CD from 1997. Compares to The Odyssey, their album later in 2002. Other bands comparable are Dream Theater, Stratovarius, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ozzy Osbourne (Randy Rhoads) and maybe even King Diamond. This is a very awesome CD that barely gets any widespread attention. Get the special edition for a multimedia video bonus track. Definately for metal and prog lovers and a recommendation to classical-lovers as well. It's awesome they are coming down here in August on that Gigantour with Megadeth, Dream Theater and Nevermore. I hope to see them if possible. This is a Symphony X classic. I encourage you to buy it. // 10

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overall: 8
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy Reviewed by: hey143, on january 15, 2007
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Sound: What might this album be? Only the album that kick started Symhpony X's power/prog metal career. While the band started in 1994, this album and V: The New Mythology Suite finally gets them the attention the skilled band deserves in 1997 and 2000 respectively. Considered by many to be one of the best power/prog metal albums ever, The Divine Wings Of Tragedy suceeds to combine cheesy power metal lyrics and technical progressive metal riffs together. The Divine Wings of Tragedy is a 65 minute album, and most songs are over four minutes. People who prefer shorter songs over long songs still should get this though, as only 3 songs are over 6 minutes long. Unfortunantly, catchiness is something Symphony X's songs don't provide very well, so if you're looking for extremely catchy songs, stay far away from most songs on here. Beware: listen to Symphony X too much and they will become very boring quickly. // 8

Lyrics: The first song on here, and the song that got me into Symphony X is Of Sins and Shadows. While I said catchiness isn't something Symhpony X does, this is an exception. The main riff of this song is very good, and Allen has a very good clean voice. The prog side of Symphony X doesn't show here; this song is purely power metal. The choir section adds to the cheesy sound of the song. The soloing by Romeo and Pinnella is top notch here, and the consistent double bass adds to the song a lot. It's also pinch harmonic hell, as Romeo does a ton of pinch harmonics in this song. A great listen overall. Symphony doesn't let up with the next song, Sea of Lies. Miller finally gets to shine with the driving bassline at the beginning. Not very catchy, but given time, this will be one of the better tracks on the album. The best part of the song is where Allen powerfully sings the line "... sea of lies!" The soloing by Romeo and even Miller is great once again. Pinnella doesn't show very much in this song though except for the fill around 3:30. In my opinion, the catchiest song on the album is Out of the Ashes. While only three minutes and forty seconds long, Symphony X hits hard with this song with incredible arpeggio licks at the beginning of the song by Romeo. The chorus of the song is catchy too, so if you've been begging for catchiness on this album, this song is where it's at. Though it is short, it's definently far from being a filler. While a nice ballad, The Accolade isn't as good as the other songs. It's very long for one thing; it's almost 10 minutes. This makes the listen boring at many parts in the song. Fortunantly, it's not repetitive so it shouldn't be as boring as other long ballads from other bands. There are some great spots in this song (I like the little fill around 7:26 where the chime comes in, but everything after 8:30 is boring again). Otherwise, this isn't as great as the others (but still decent), and I skip it half the time when I listen to this album all the way through. The last song was a letdown, but this one definently isn't. Pharaoh is the hardest hitting song on the album. The song title hints that it'll sound Egyptian-sounding, and it does. Miller's basslines are great, and Pinnella's keyboarding adds a nice effect to the sound of this song. Allen's vocals are angry and harsh, and drives the emotion of the song. Romeo actually takes a backseat in this song; it's Pinnella's turn to shine in this song along with Miller. The next song, The Eyes of Medusa, is another great song, and is very heavy. The riffing is very good on this song, but the vocals are kinda boring though. Not a very catchy song at all, though not filler either. Romeo's soling isn't very impressive here either. From 3:45 to 4:40, there is a very annoying bridge section which they would've been better off not having in the song. However, it doesn't last very long, and returns to it's heavy riffage. Definently not one of the better songs. Unfortuantly, another weak song is next. The Witching Hour has better vocals and soloing, but it's still not very catchy, just like the previous song. It's a little better, but not by much. The solo is obviously much better than the one in the previous song. Luckily, it did not have that stupid little slow interlude that the previous song had. This song, and The Eyes of Medusa, are the ones I skip when listening to this album. The string of bad songs is broken, thank to the massive epic of a song that The Divine Wings of Tragedy is. It's a huge song; almost 21 minutes to be exact, but is divided into 7 parts (you can't skip to a certain part though). But unlike other super long songs, it's listenable if you can stand longer songs. Actually, it's not just listenable; it's incredible. From the choir part at the beginning, to it's softer guitar bridges, to the all riff fest in the middle, and to the epic-like ending, this song is amazing in every way. Definently one of the best on the album. Candlelight Fantasia is often overlooked because of the song before it, but it's actually a very good ballad; better than The Accolade infact. While the intro is kinda boring, the rest of the song is just as amazing as The Divine Wings of Tragedy was. The soloing by the guitars and keyboard is much more exciting and appealing than the ones in The Accolade were. The soft guitaring during the verses are great, and suprisingly complex. The vocals are perfect for this song. The song closes by fading out. A great way to end the album (though The Divine Wings of Tragedy would have been a better closing song). // 8

Overall Impression: This is definently worth buying if you love progressive music or power metal. If you're new to this kind of music or Symphony X, listen to some songs before buying, as some will not like Symphony X's sound. If you buy the CD new, it should be a special edition CD (it will have a green cover) that includes a band interview. // 8

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