Hypnotize review by System of a Down

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  • Released: Nov 22, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (1,158 votes)
System of a Down: Hypnotize

Sound — 10
Definetly System's best, it combines some of the heavy guitar and bass we saw in Toxicity, along with the killer drums and unique arrangements that got so many fans hooked on Mezmerize. A Unique blend of new metal, alternative rock, with a bit of a classic rock feel to some songs.

Lyrics — 10
Always more than meets the eye (or ear in this case), ranging from profound lyrics such as (They were crying when their sons left/God is wearing black/They've gone so far to find no hope/They're never coming back) to fast tongue-twisters (Banana Banana Banana Banana Terra Cotta/Banana Terra Cotta Terra Cotta Pie). As always their lyrics and melodies flow alongside each other.

Overall Impression — 10
01. Attack - definetly a strong opener, the song kicks off with blazing guitar/bass/drums, slows down for the verse, then kicks it off again for the chorus. A catchy chorus, and a beat that keeps you moving, plus a fun one to play along with (guitar/bass) 8/10. 02. Dreaming - resembling more of the "old SOAD" (espicially since it uses the old tuning of drop C), fairly fast throughout the song. It sounds great during the prechorus when Serj sing two things at once and plays the together in an odd yet very nice harmony. Great chorus (You/You went beyond/And you lost it all/Why did you go there/From Beyond/You saw it all/Why did you go there). Bridge slows it down, but still sounds great, with a very catchy line that will most likely stay stuck with you (Dreaming not Screaming/Someone kick me out of my mind/I hate these thoughts I can't deny) 10/10. 03. Kill Rock 'n' Roll - quiet intro, gains bass and heavyness. Verse pretty heavy, a little odd at first, but the chorus sounds great. Bridge lyrics kinda of odd like the verse (Eat all the grass that you want/Accidents happen in the dark), but for the quick quiet moment between the end of bridge and the starting of the chorus again, gets you hooked. If you're like me and heard the live version several times, then you know more or less what to expect 8/10. 04. Hypnotize - the first single, I'm sure most of you heard it. Kinda like the previous track, slow intro slowly gains heaviness, then moves to a guitar slamming verse. First chorus slow as the intro, along with the second, but the bridge picks up pace. Nice solo, followng a heavy chorus to finish things off 9/10. 05. Stealing Society - another heavy one, fast and full of the double bass pedal we all know and love. Verse and chorus with nice rythm, but incredibly catchy bridge (almost like a rap). Great harmonies between Daaron and Serj. One of my favorites 10/10. 06. Tentative - addictive guitar, one chord played over between tremelo picking. Slows down for prechorus and chorus, which sounds especially nice in the song (We're Going down/In a spiral to the ground (?)/No One/No one's gonna save us now/Not even God/No one saved us/No one's gonna save us now). Slows down for nice bridge picking. Another great track 10/10. 07. U-Fig - If loud and screaming is what you love about system, then you'll love this track. (Come join the cause/Come join the cause/Who wants to come with me and come join the cause?) Catchy chorus as usual, nice intro/bridge riff 9/10. 08. Holy Mountains - another tracked that leaked a live version, but does sound much nicer than the live version. The longest track on the album, heavy guitar during interludes, but tones down a bit for verse. Chorus lyrics a little odd (liar!/killer!/demon!), but nonetheless a good song 8/10. 09. Vicinity Obscenity - another masterpiece on the album. Heavy at times, very quiet the next instance. Definetly a nice use of effects and sounds. Chorus gives off a Pink-Floyd feel, along with a very catchy prechorus tongue twister 10/10. 10. She's Like Heroin - not everyone's favorite, but still one of mine. Daaron has lead vocals here, along with a strong guitar along the track. Odd lyrics at some points (She wants nothing more/Than the be a little whore/He wants nothing less/but to wear a little dress) but can be stuck in your head all day 9/10. 11. Lonely Day - It seems they tried to make a "Lost In Hollywood" for Hypnotize, but I honestly find this the worst track on the album. Incredibly simple lyrics, and guitar you'd from more pop rock bands. But, bridge is pretty good along with one of the best solos I've heard from Daaron 7/10. 12. soldier Side - if you're like me, you've been waiting for this track and this track alone. The good news is it lives up to what you've been expecting. Nice intro guitar, verse seems kinda heavy at first but then blends in with some high tremelo picking, which joins in with the intro picking to make the chorus. Nice solo, and when it gets to the part seen on Mezmerize (Welcome to the soldier side/Where there's noone here but me), it's a heavier guitar, along with stronger vocals, but does not disapoint. 11/10 (I know, it's not possible). Buy it, if you lose it buy two.

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