Hypnotize review by System of a Down

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  • Released: Nov 22, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (1,158 votes)
System of a Down: Hypnotize

Sound — 9
I'm sure somewhere there were people who hated System when they were at there peak during Toxicity and thought they should be lighter. That sorta happend but not entiarly. They changed there tuning, big deal. Have they sold out? Of course not. It doesnt't sound better but it not worse. it's not as heavy as the first 3 albums but they don't have to be heavy to be awesome. Listen to Stealing Society, or Tentative, their amazing. Although She's Like Herione is a complete dud. And Daron isnt a bad singer. He's powerful and has really good screams.

Lyrics — 8
The style of music has changed a bit but the lyrics have pretty much stayed the same. there's your political songs but they are on every album. Then there's life stuff like you'll find on Dreaming and Lonely Day. Holy Mountians talks about the Armenian Genocide like P.L.U.C.K. did and it's insane. Vicinity of Obscenity is about how men will look at women sexually or something.

Overall Impression — 9
Bottom line it's not as consistanly heavy as it's first first 3 albums but there are still heavy hitters like U-FIG and Holy Mountians. For those of you who think the albums are better, your right. But it is still amazing. Every thing from System remains fresh and awesome. But it is sadley the last for a while because of there hiatus.

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    Define insane, thats not Vicinity Of Obscenity. Its and awesome song but its more wtf than insane. I guess you dont really knoy insane.
    this double album felt more to me like "daron featuring system of a down". the fact that they let him sing so much brings the album down enough as it is, let alone him writing almost the entire thing by himself.
    00guitarist00 wrote: did anyone else hear the lyrics daron substituted for the song lonely day during ozzfest? "such a lonely day, hanging out with this band/ this mother****er i cant stand." this was a major blow to me. i dont think its a hiatus. i think they're actually breaking up.
    no their not breaking up, in an interview daron says that he was reffering to the day instead of the band members. they'll be back.
    Bondie ivm lord
    Well... it's not their best album. it's more of an exstention from mezmerize. im not sayin the albums i meen some great songs came out of it like Tentative and Attack, but, Daron is singin for most of the time and serj doesnt do anything. also... what happened to sharvo shouting in the songs. he was good lol. yeah so any was my favourite album still is a toss up between toxicity and the 1st album. but when they get back... they better make a hell good one ai.
    Let's rate the songs 1. Holy Mountains 2. Tenative 3. Hypnotize 4. Dreaming 5. Soldier Side 6. Attack 7. Vicinity of Obscenity 8. Stealing Soceity 9. U-Fig 10. She's Like Heroin 11. Kill Rock & Roll 12. Lonely Day Personally, I think Holy Mountains shouldve been a single (was it?), because there's not a better song that SOAD does. The album is the worst of the 5, but Holy Mountains is worth buying the album for.
    this album sucked.its the worst thing soad has ever produced.if i were them id be ashamed. darons vocales ruined it the most.this albums patheticness is probabley the reason there on hiatus.this album is just mainstream crap.people who like hypnotize are not true soad fans.
    Ok first off bitches, this album is not thier best, however its a damn good album. System of a down destroy lamb of god dirt bag, so shut up about it and system is metal, duhhhhh, why else would daron be on a guitar mag cover with kerry king, dimebag ( rip ). Which proves how good of a guitar player he is, and that was only after three albums. No one in the 2000's can touch toxicity.
    This album is pretty damn gud. In my opinion, It comes second only to toxicity. And i don't get why some of these idiots don't lyk daron's and "lonely day". I thought the lyrics in the verses were a bit excessively simple but the rest of the song was awesome
    Out of 10 1. Holy Mountains 10 2. Tenative 10 3. Hypnotize 10 4. Dreaming 8 5. Soldier Side 6 6. Attack 9 7. Vicinity of Obscenity 8 8. Stealing Soceity 9 9. U-Fig 7 10. She's Like Heroin 7 11. Kill Rock & Roll 7 12. Lonely Day 10
    Hypnotized the song its self is amazing. The flow of it is really good with the slow beggining