Hypnotize review by System of a Down

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  • Released: Nov 22, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (1,157 votes)
System of a Down: Hypnotize

Sound — 10
The band seem to have gone with a slightly different sound than their last record, Mezmerize, as they have with every album. The songs tend to be less heavy as songs off System of a down, Toxicity and Steal this album!, but are just as 'in your face'. As with Mezmerize, the key change in style is Daron's vocals. Rather than just acking vocals as with earlier albums, Daron now does half, maybe more, of the vocals. Daron's switch from Iceman to SG is noticable, along with the tuning being raised a semitone.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics, though many people disagree, are just as good, if not better, than any other album. Along with vocals, Daron has taken up a lot of writing, and it shows in such songs as 'Kill Rock And Roll', which is about when he ran over a rabbit that he named rock and roll, and 'She's Like Heroin'. Although many people will also disagree, Daron is just as competent a singer as Serj, and he deserves his spot as co-vocalist.

Overall Impression — 10
In my personal opinion, this is one of System's best. The vocals, drums, bass and guitar go together perfectly and the lyrics are amazing. All songs are great, particularly Stealing society which starts with the usual chaotic sound that is System, but then moves into a punkish section led by Daron, with a vocal style somewhat reminiscent of rap. The title track, though a great song, I believe is not up to System's usual high standard. If someone stole this album, Despite it being on my computer, I'd buy a new one, rather than burn it as I like it enough to want the proper disc.

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    hey mr. unregistered 4th reviewer, i don't really see how you can see hypnotize as the worst song on the album because its "too light", and then give an 11/10 to lonely day.
    I personally think theres not enough reviews of this album. I'm not sure wether im ineterested in buying it OR even listening to the songs of the album.
    Two Great vocalists that I think do not use their singing abilities properly. SOAD would be one of my favourite bands if they wrote more songs like hypnotize where there is actually some structure to the song instead of when they have really bad parts of songs where they seem to as one review said, sit in different rooms and write their own part of the song with out changing anything when recording.
    Okay, I got back here because I remember my ***** posts before.:p I'll apologize for them now, and as I look back, seems I was a teenage fanboy at the time. I like Mez/Hyp alot, actually at the same level at Toxicity, and I said before that Lonely Day was a masterpiece. It's not, I know now, because I'm not addicted to them anymore. But these are, nevertheless, great albums.
    One of the best albums I've ever heard - such a good mix between heavy and soft. Love SOAD and the solo projects
    The second part of the double album is hypnotize but u propaply no that and theres alot of apineons out there personly tho i think its awsome i mean u cant compare anything to toxicy i mean no one can touch it it won multi platinums so its sort of pssing me of when people say "oh hypnotize sucks its nothing compered to toxicty". I mean most peolpe dont even knw what toxicty even means (u really dont want to tho).And i mean come on no one can have a perfect voice so stop saying shit about darons voice been squeke only people how think that there fans by shit like hte lyrics are stupeid and meeaning les i mean lestin it ant that hard to under stand . Or holy moantions is the oly good song and every thing else sucks!!.(go have a cry livininmistery) overall its pretty good id to give it a 9.3 but thats me .
    This band is quite simply, garbage. I mean the creativity really isn't there and both of the vocalists aren't that great. Serj also kinda always sounds the same. It's simple drivel fed to people who know nothing about music. They have no catchy riffs really and they mainly focus on the vocal stylings of Serj who is kind of boring. You people want good music, check out the band Disillusion. The guy has a similar voice and he utilizes screaming as well. They also have some sweet riffage for anyone who enjoys versatility.
    livinginmisery wrote: Let's rate the songs 1. Holy Mountains 2. Tenative 3. Hypnotize 4. Dreaming 5. Soldier Side 6. Attack 7. Vicinity of Obscenity 8. Stealing Soceity 9. U-Fig 10. She's Like Heroin 11. Kill Rock & Roll 12. Lonely Day Personally, I think Holy Mountains shouldve been a single (was it?), because there's not a better song that SOAD does. The album is the worst of the 5, but Holy Mountains is worth buying the album for.
    Holy Mountains wasn't a single, I think its cause they went on Hiatus, it probably would've been over time. But I think Hypontize and Mezmerize are so underrated, they're great albums, sophisticated, and silly at times, but the writing is the best of all 5 albums.
    "OH NO A BAND MADE A NEW SOUND!!! FLAME WARRRRR!!!!!" Its a good album imo. Arguing about it on the internet isn't going to change anything.