Mezmerize review by System of a Down

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  • Released: May 17, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.5 (388 votes)
System of a Down: Mezmerize

Sound — 10
Mezmerize, half of the double disc of Mezmerize/Hypnotize has an even more unique sound than the rest of their work. The first time I listened to it, I was shocked with the change in SOAD. I thought that with Daron on backing vocals were better, but after a few rounds of Mezmerize on nearly maximum volume in my bedroom, I changed my mind. This album is a must have for anyone! The sound, the story goes deep, too complicated to understand in the beginning. Every song has an incredible amount of detail hidden. Even now when I listen to it, new things come to me. For me, this SOAD album would be incomparable to the earlier masterpieces such as System of a down, Toxicity and Steal this album. This is because the changes were critical, and a wise change. In Mezmerize you'll be stunned by the detail, drum lines, guitar lines, vocals, bass, well, probably everything. I noticed John used double pedal too in Mezmerize. Remarkable musical theories are also used included in Mezmerize. Every track continues the dark, haunting mood of Mezmerize which, I assume from the uncountable times I've been listening to it, is about the "victims." Soldier's Side, a perfect introduction for Mezmerize gives the listener an introduction to the most exotic, brilliant record of SOAD. Cigaro and Radio/Video truly draws how skillful and creative SOAD always were and will be.

Lyrics — 10
No need to say about the skills of Daron and Serj. In Mezmerize, Daron sings the lead vocals, while Serj backs him up. Songs like Cigaro, Radio/Video, Sad Statue, and Lost in Hollywood doubts my thoughts whether it s time to use the word "perfect." I will not say anymore on vocals because if you leave your computer right now and go get this album now and appreciate the masterpiece first hand is so much more worthwhile than reading me babbling about something that can't be described.

Overall Impression — 10
This work by SOAD is a very complexed piece. It takes time to understand it. Unless you are as crazy as I am, then let Mezmerize flow. Play it listen to it while you are chillin' (I don't mean Chill chillin') and mark my words, you will stop what you were doing and sit closer and listen closer to the player to listen whether it was just you or was Mezmerize that incredible. Complexed and detailed, this album is, but at the same time, very catchy. You will not be able to get the melody out of your head all day. If you don't have Mezmerize, go now! This is a masterpiece not to be missed at all! Mezmerize is this good already, what does SOAD have in their pockets for Hypnotize. I question soon to be answered and anticipated. I thought you were supposed to go get Mezmerize? Get that dopey look off your face, and get the album. If you think I'm silly doing this then wait til you've understood Mezmerize.

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