Mezmerize review by System of a Down

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  • Released: May 17, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.5 (388 votes)
System of a Down: Mezmerize

Sound — 10
The sound in this album is great. In "B.Y.O.B." there a are strong political views. That shows there's a message in the song. But overall, the sound is an amazing variation. In "Radio/Video" there is some folk music and in "Sad Statue" it is very heavy rock. The great thing about this album is the variation of different sounds used in the songs. It's great for the every day rocker.

Lyrics — 10
My first impression of lyrics was, whoah, fast words, need to keep up. But once you know what he is saying it's better. The words are strong and so is they way he sings them. The lyrics go right with the pace of the songs which is good. Also Serj has very good singing skills, but you can't forget Daron. He'll sing occasionally but his words really stick out. They can both go from high to low pitch voices, and they both sound good especially with their music.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is so hard to compare to others because it's so different. But that's how System of a Down is. One of a kind. Some of the most impressive songs are "B.Y.O.B.", well, all of them are impressive. They're all good, I didn't think any of them were bad. I just love the hard rock sound with the folk and softer sounds blended in it. I don't hate anything about this album except for the fact that there weren't more songs to rock out to, but there's probably some sort of limit, so I can't blame them. If the cd was stolen or lost, I'd definetely buy it again.

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    u have to think outside of the box. soad arent actually talkin bout the size of their dicks, their tlkin bout peoples egos. Fripp's got the right idea, soad r jus bein sarcastic. oh and james_led_floyd, if u think soad r so crap, y the hell r u commenting here. sod off
    "his skills as a singer and lyricist just cant compare to Serj.....Give Serj his Mic, pen and paper back" Just for those of you who don't know, Daron has always been the principle songwriter for SOAD. He takes more control with this album as he wants to be able to express himself in a more personal way.
    the song cigaro has nothing to do with the size of some-ones cock , you obviously dont undersatnd the song meaning
    Someone said that the meaning of Question!was about society, its not. the song obviously means where do we go when we die and whats happens.
    I think Mezmerize/Hypnotize is as great album as Toxicity, one of the best records ever made. Mezmerize part is more metallic record and Hypnotize is more Pop/Rock type of album. Every song is so different on these albums but they are still so Soad . Mezme/Hypno is the best record experience ever, but Toxicity is the best album ever made