Mezmerize review by System of a Down

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  • Released: May 17, 2005
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.5 (388 votes)
System of a Down: Mezmerize

Sound — 7
Soldier Side, the opener of this album was a little bit shocking to me, it didn't really sound much like System. I do like the sound, but most definatly prefer the sound of the older Albums done by System. I thought the Guitar was a little more talented than previous albums. Over all, it wasn't too bad. Not as heavy as I hoped.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics were good. Acceptable. I found that they lacked meaning again, in comparison to the earlier versions. They weren't complete garbage, but not something that I would consider a masterpiece. The lyrics and voices fitted well with the song, however I wish Daron, the guitarist, would lay off the vocals a little bit. No offence to him, but, not the best singer in the world. He is good in small amounts in songs, like as background vocals, or when he has a line. Not a whole song but to me, he's tolerable. To others, maybe not so much.

Overall Impression — 8
Well, definatly my least favourite album by System of a Down. I did like it, but I was expecting the System of a Down I grew to love. If I had just became a fan of System when this album was released, then I would absolutly adore this album. But, I'm going in comparison to the older albums. If this CD were stolen, I would probably buy it again, because I want to make a complete SOAD colection, also because I did enjoy this album. However, it could have been so much more. I hope that after "Hypnotize", System of a Down will go back to it's roots. All in all, "Mezmerize" made me feel slightly cheated, and it felt like a way of getting new fans even though they said they didn't want too much publicity. Overall mark is 7.5, rounded to 8 for the scoring system.

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    xcrunner1 wrote: SOAD sold out when they tightened their guitar strings to drop d flat.
    Yeah, their tuning suddenly makes them money hungry bastards... You have some mental deformity sir.
    They're good but not great. Some of their songs are brilliant and then others are terrible. I've only recently started listening to them and I've liked the old stuff I've heard but any band that puts Vicinity of Obscenity on an album needs to lay off the dope and write a real album.
    sorry for my meaning rambling i had a bad day i broke my guitar masterometal i sorry for spazzing go soad u rock
    LMAO Drop C# and drop D flat is the same thing LMAO oh and masterometal666 we dont care if ur band sounds exactly like hedley. Mezmerize is probably my favourite SOAD album, because it has such an strange atmosphere, and all the songs are great. although their old music is more original, none of their other cds had every song an excellent one. ex. toxicity, i always skip X and Jet pilot cuz they sound horrible, but all the other songs are great. and i dont think anyone said System is the best band to ever live, but they are ONE OF the best bands of this generation. and Daron is a musch better live singer than Serj in my opinion.
    System of a Down back in 1995 is obviously a much different System of a Down than today, and it's not necessarily for the better. With their self-titled album, they pushed the envelope creatively and they wrote some pretty werid music. Now it sounds like they are writing music just for the sake of being weird. It's good to be different, but to do it just to be different is ****ing stupid. Lyrics like "terracotta pie" just make me want to ask "What the ****?"
    Mezmorize > Hypnotize Mezmorize was a little different than their previous albums, but that's a good thing. They're trying out different sounds. ANYTHING different than this new rock, which I find mainly talentless
    i don't think they're the ignorant ones... and how is this album boring? it's completely fresh and interesting - something that's never been done before. you guys should celebrate it instead of insulting it. their old stuff is great, but if you listen to the first album, it's really hard to tell the when one song starts and another ends...
    I don't understand how people are rating this album so highly. have any of you heard systems first self titles album. It's brilliant. I'ts hard hitting. sej does an awesome jon with the riffs. And in the following album Daron does a great job doing the backup vocals. This album stinks, I have been a massive SOAD fan for so long, i have spent ages learning all the guiatr riffs, i have seen them live acouple of times. But i am bitterly disapointed. Don't rate the album hight just because you like the band. I luv em but well....
    fluffylump2 wrote: one of the best band out there. incredible stuff. you guys are just bitter cause they are more original and interesting than you are.
    You've obviously never heard my band play. ;D Oh and I have to admit that their sound went downhill after they upped the tunings. I think the riffs lost origionality after that point. Just take songs like sugar, aerials, war?, and pretty much everything before mesmerize and you will see what I mean. Althogh some of their newer songs can be exempt from that, the majority really do lose my interest after a certain time.
    ALFRED123456789 wrote: xcrunner1 wrote: SOAD sold out when they tightened their guitar strings to drop d flat. ITS DROP C# U MORON.....BUT UR RIGHT THEY DID SELL OUT (KINDA) BUT STILL GOOD ALBUMS....TOXICITY WAS THE BEST THOUGH END OF STORY!!!!!
    Umm hello? You are the moron here. C# and Db are inharmonic tones. (That means they are the same damn thing!) Drop Db and Drop C# are exactly the same thing, just two different names. Eb can be called D# if you wanted. Standard E can be called D double # if you wanted. And Drop Db/C# can also be called Drop Eb double flat. It all depends on what you chose to call it. Music theory dumbass. And I noticed that none of you seem to realize that they definately were nu metal. The keyword here is "were", Because they have now drifted off into the stoner music category where it's so screwed up and trippy that you can't classify it at all.
    one of the best band out there. incredible stuff. you guys are just bitter cause they are more original and interesting than you are.
    theyre new stuff isnt nearly as good as toxicity etc... i agree and i dont agree that he classified them partly with death metal, thats just way off
    didnt like it, prefer the older system, they are to hyped up on drugs these days (and dont they sorta write anti-drug songs)
    Mezmerize/Hypnotize were terrible cds. Get Toxcity, Steal This Album, and their self titled. That's where the good SOAD is.