Mezmerize review by System of a Down

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  • Released: May 17, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (388 votes)
System of a Down: Mezmerize

Sound — 9
This is one of SOAD's latest album, part one of a two-part set (the second part being Hypnotize). The album feels really random, mostly due to the themes of the songs. The sound on this album is like most SOAD you've heard, a little less experimental/progressive than their earlier stuff, but this album brings solid flat-out rock. The sound is good, doesn't lose it's shine quickly, it's an easy album to get addicted to as well so it's a great album to have. The only thing I could see getting in the way are the vocals, which are mostly rapid, random, and spastic.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are pretty random in a lot of songs. It doesn't even feel like it has some super awesome hidden message in there, it's just random. Some of it's political, lashing out at the government and modern society, and some of it is just random stuff. Serj (lead singer) is a bit different from your average singer, but he's a bit of a guilty pleasure. Guitarist Daron Malakian makes his mark on this album as it's the first where he sings pretty frequently. It comes together for a "new" SOAD sound all its' own.

Overall Impression — 9
This album is pretty "fun", if I had to pick a word to define it. I've had it for a couple years, and it has a big nostalgic quality to it, despite only being out for a few years. It's different from their past albums, but many will consider it a good change, even if it means abandoning their earlier progressive style. I love the music itself, and sometimes the lyrics. I dislike how it's somewhat random, such as songs like "Old School Hollywood". However, there are other songs like "Question!" and "Lost in Hollywood" that really bring a different type of lyrical meaning to the table. If I lost it, I'd definitely pick it up again. It's a bit on the weird side, but it's something that a lot of open-minded music enthusiests can find something in it that they enjoy.

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    Whoever thinks cigaro is about willy's needs to be shot, its about machoism. Also i prefer their softer side the stronger songs on their 1st 2 albums were the softer ones, ie aerials,toxicity,spiders. Although i prefer serj's vocals, daron does add something new!
    So, what drove SOAD to write and record 23 tracks at the same time period? That's pretty insane. Must have been a "grand finally" for them or something.
    Cigaro is about people saying "my army is bigger than yours", but in a METAPHORIC way. kinda like what nirvanafan11111 said. Also people seem pretty divived over Daron's singing... yes he does seem to be taking over a bit, but still, SOAD can't just stick with the exact same types of songs, so they're expanding their songwriting stles. thirdly, who the hell let that kid who doesn't even listen to SOAD and hates them put in a review?