System of a Down review by System of a Down

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  • Released: Oct 12, 1998
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (184 votes)
System of a Down: System of a Down

Sound — 10
Fast, heavy and crazy. The three words to describe System Of A Down. Serj is a very good, if slightly (although hilariously) mad. The guitar sound is how metal is meant to be, the bass is cool, and the playing the drums to some of those songs must be damn hard, with all those tempo changes. Oh, and if there were 4 words to describe them, the last would be brilliant.

Lyrics — 10
I love System's lyrics, mainly because I am a big fan of political lyrics, but still, they are great. There are also loads and loads of hilarious little bits and pieces stuck in there, some of which are indeed incomprehensible. One thing which makes the singing so great is that I don't think Daron sings once!

Overall Impression — 10
01. suite Pee - very weird guitar intro, which heads off in a completely different direction with a riff so amazing good because it is so simple. A weird slow breakdown (which happens a lot in this album), with weird noises flying around. Brilliant song though 10/10. 02. Know - impressive drum beat through most of the song, with some more crazy vocals from Serj. I like the lyric towards the end "Don't ever try to fly, lest it leaves your body on the other side". Class 9/10. 03. Sugar - my favourite song on here possibly, with a riff I knew before I had even heard of System Of A Down, hilarious little "Sugarrr!" thing in the verse, crazy singing with low vocals shooting up to falsettos in random places. Breakdown which goes from singing, to shouting, to whispering, to talking to shouting again. Crazy 10/10. 04. Suggestions - haunting guitar intro, going to more fast antics, with random screaming (which sounds like a parrot, lol) at the end of each verse. The 3rd verse has a falsetto, which is absolutely hilarious (although it defitely is not the way to do a falsetto, ask Jack White). Lunacy. 05. I heard this song on the radio as a little kid, and it gave me nightmares (Yeah, I'm not exactly old, I was a little kid in 1999)! Very creepy beginning, but it shows that System can be serious guys too. A lot like Aerials, but I saw a review which criticized it for that! How does that work? Aerials was written after this! But when I got this album, and heard the song again, I was just like 0_0! But I have now grown to love it, brilliant 10/10. 06. Ddevil - I see they've gone back the the asylum-rock then a scream, then a snort more random octave jumps, funny lyric too "The devil is so lovely" 8/10. 07. Soil - air-drumming oppurtunity, and a chorus so fast you can only just make out a couple of words, "motherf--king" being one of them. This is named after their old band, and hopefully it sounds like them, cause if it does, then I want to check them out. Cool guitar solo too. Funniest moment in the album too, when it all goes silent, and Serj shouts "Why the f--k did you take him away from us you motherf--ker!" 10/10. 08. War? - catchy verse which reminds me of Chop Suey a bit Serj shots "We will find the heathens!" in the chorus, and I'm not sure what thats meant to suggest, but it sounds really good 9/10. 09. Mind - I think this is one of their first songs, with a spooky bass bringing in a weird whispering verse, which you expect to explode, and just as you think it might not, it does. Although not incredibly loud, it is indeed insane, with a goat-on-ecstacy kind of sound bouncing around. The only song longer than about 3 and a half minutes, and its got a bit of a masterpiece feel to it, but it does get a bit boring 8/10. 10. Peephole - weird! Sounds like it should have an accordion in it, but a guitar sound kind of cool actually. Funny lyric too "Don't ever get stuck in the sky, when you're high..." Nice solo. Very weird song, I wonder how they ever wrote that. 11. Cubert - I have no idea why, but the word Cubert makes me laugh. Sounds very System-ish, and the song is the same inspired lunacy that has been going through this whole album, other than Spiders 10/10. 12. Darts - flows straight from Cubert, good god, Serj is on drugs, isn't he? Thought so. The song sounds kind of similar to quite a lot of the others on here, and its probably the worst on the album 7/10. 13. PLUCK - I love the part where the bass comes in at the beginning, and Serj sounds scary! It's one of those go-stop-go songs, the guitar riff sounds cool too, one of the not-so-heavy rarieties from Daron. And talking of him, there he is doing backing vocals. Damn! Oh well, its only the last track, although the last tracks of Toxicity and Mezmerize are pretty damn good. Not a fantastic song, kind of like the slow bit in Chop Suey. I like the way it just fades out too 8/10. This album is totally diffrent from anything before it, insane all around, riffs, vocals, goat noises.

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