The Very Best Of T. Rex review by T. Rex

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  • Released: Jun 23, 1998
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 10 (8 votes)
T. Rex: The Very Best Of T. Rex

Sound — 10
T. Rex cover a lot of styles of rock. By the cover of this album it looks as if there are only two in the band (and there is, well they're the main ones). The legends produce excellent music. They were big in the '70s. They had modest success on the radio. The combination of Bolan's acoustic guitar and Steve Took's bongos and assorted percussion, gave them great success. I love it when there's some electric guitar in these songs because you know it won't disapoint you it being a solo or a main riff or chorus. For example the beginning of '20th Century Boy' is so cool and amazing. It sounds cool just mainly because the amp is turned up so loud. T.Rex's song: 'I love to Boogie' had a place in the movie 'Billy Elliot.' When you think about it, it just seems the perfect song for a great movie.

Lyrics — 10
Somehow reminds me of David Bowie, Bolan does. He's got the edge that rock n' roll singers need to have. The bit unclear throwt gives that effect like Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong or Sweet Child O' Mine's vocalist. Bolan's lyrics blend perfectly into their music. There's no backing up with the vocals cause the music is true rock. It's somehow not included the song: 'Get It On' on this which is suprising which is one of their best classics. It shows Bolan has a nice calm voice as well as a rock voice. I know I keep saying how great they are but he's just got one of the best rock voices. It's better that the vocals and music are quite the same, and T.Rex's 'v' and 'm' are quite the same.

Overall Impression — 10
Like all greatest hits albums of legends you just know their gonna be great.The most impressive songs from this Very Best Of T.Rex are: 'Metal Guru', 'Telegram Sam', '20th Century Boy' and finally 'I Love To Boogie'. I love the fact they are litrally just an old 70s rock band. And I therefore hate that T.Rex are not around now. I love all the tracks on this (all 20 of them). I also love the James Brown scream in a few of the songs! The total playing time is only an hour for all 20 tracks. If it were stolen I'd already worrying about it as if it was a member of the family. If I never got it back I would ask my mum or dad to see if they have the record: 'Electric Warrior.' Overall and in the end. They're a English rock lengend!

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    this is one of the most poorly constructed reviews I have ever read in my life.. but I agree with the rating so lets be friends.