Dance With Me review by T.S.O.L.

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 3
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 9 (6 votes)
T.S.O.L.: Dance With Me

Sound — 8
True Sounds Of Liberty, or TSOL's album, "Dance With Me" is a surprisingly original blend of surf rock influenced, hardcore punk rock. I was surprised how original the album sounded as I was expecting just the normal punk album. The "Three chords and the Truth" approach with just a different three chords for every song. The bass lines played in this album are also, somewhat original. I was impressed by the way the bass guitar didn't just stick to playing the root of the guitar players chord, and done something different for once, unlike many of the other hardcore punk bands around at the same time. Aswell as the bass guitar playing original bass lines, I felt the sound of the bass guitar accompanied the feeling and mood of the music well. The spacey, distant sound of the bass guitar fitted perfectly with the mood of the song "Silent Scream", but then all of a sudden it mutates to a pounding, snarling beast on tracks like "Dance With Me" and most notably "Code Blue". However, the guitar parts in this album I wasn't too impressed by. At most I would say they were ok, but most of the time I felt the guitar was shadowed a bit by the rhythm section. I was aware it became a sort of background noise in tracks like "Love Story". Naturally, I was slightly dissapointed by this, as it made the tracks somewhat boring at times. Although I didn't like the way the guitar was over-shadowed a bit when it shouldn't have been. I liked the surf rock influnces and the creepy sound of it on some tracks, that made the guitar blend with the mood perfectly, had it not been for the overly-cheesy lyrics.

Lyrics — 3
In "Dance With Me" the lyrics dissapoint thoughraly. Most of the lyrics, in my opinion are just clich rubbish that just about anyone could write. As far as the singer's "skills" go, I think anybody could sing these songs. Although some punk fanboy's may say, it's all in true punk style, with the raw, un-melodic voice etc. I felt it got to the point in some songs, most notably "Silent Scream" where I was almost cringing that it was so bad. The only reason the lyrics section got 3 out of ten was because of the lyrics for "Code Blue". They were original to a point, and they really could create that vivid image of some creepy young man in a grave yard. With "their cold blue flesh" turning him red.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall, I'm definately not saying this is a bad album. What I'm saying is that the vocals and lyrics let the sound down significantly. And they fail to capture the mood on a lot of tracks. However, I was thoughraly impressed by tracks such as "Dance With Me", "Code Blue" and "Funeral March". If I was to lose this album, I would definately buy it again, as I like the way that subtle changes in the bass and guitar, can make a song a monster, or a ghostly figure.

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    i love the spacy feel i also find this in SD-Mommy's little monster and some DI songs
    It's a classic album, though I do agree that some of the songs are trash(Silent Scream, Funeral March, etc.). However the good tracks on here make up for the bad enough, and they did break the monotony by putting this out. And there's no denying it, "Code Blue" is essential punk listening.