Fearless review by Taylor Swift

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  • Released: Nov 11, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (90 votes)
Taylor Swift: Fearless

Sound — 9
The sound is very different from the first album. The first album had lots of country sound to it, now she has more of a pop/rock sound to it, with still her country in it. I liked what she called the album, "Fearless", the way she decribes the meaning of fearless is not about not having fears, but not being afraid to jump at them. It was very inspiring I thought, and definitely made me think of what I thought fearless meant.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics were amazing. She is a very inspiring song-writer, and sometimes her songs give me chills, especially the ending of "Love Story". She writes how she feels or wishes she feels, which I think makes her really good because she's gone through most of those things, and to think how many times she went through that is amazing how she didn't fall. I think song-writing is a good way to vent accually any kind of writing, and everyone should try it. Her singing skills are amazing. She can hit high notes that I can't even hit, and she uses them correctly. '

Overall Impression — 10
My overall impression of this artist is that compared to other poeple taylor swift has talent. Some of my favorite songs from the album are "Love Story", "Fearless", "Forever & Always", and "Change". What I love about "Love Story" is that it is a very good song, very well written, but the thing I don't like is that it isn't that slow and it's not a very good dancing song. What I like about "Fearless" is that this is all a dream, what she wished her very first date would be like, but it never did happen that way. What I like about "Forever & Always" is how strong it's written. She really feels strongly about how this boy told her she loved her but didn't mean it, and meanwhile she learns he's not what she thought he was. And "Change", another strong and powerful song. It really speaks to you, and it definitely inspired me that change is that bad. It was accually written about how Taylor Swift's record company was so small, she didn't get all the perks that the big one's got. So she wrote this song about how they could fight and win in the end. If I ever lost or the CD got stolen I'd go out and buy 2, just in case one got lost or stolen again. This CD inspired me and helps me get through the bad times when I feel like falling, and it made me like country music. If you do not like country music that much I'd still tell you to go buy this cd.

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    This album got a 9.7 !!?? On a guitar website??!! Very strange, indeed! Something seems fishy to me!
    Yea i don't really see Taylor Swift as much of a shredder so i'm not sure why UG reviewed her cd but she's really hot so i wouldn't complain even if NFL.com reviewed her cd. The more i get to look at her the better
    Taylor is a great singer and a songwriter - for a 19-year old girl. Isn't she amazing? Stop hating on her
    b-rock34 wrote: This album got a 9.7 !!?? On a guitar website??!! Very strange, indeed! Something seems fishy to me!
    Well.. first of all, i guess you didnt even listen to any of taylor swifts songs, cause pretty much all of them have guitar in them and she usually plays guitar on stage.. she's know world wide for playing guitar and singing love songs.. im sorry if theres no metallica electric guitar solos, but isnt ultimate guitar about plain and simple GUITAR?? and she has an amazing history from going to small town girl to a better, older and responsible miley cyrus .
    If nothing else you have to applaud her for writing or co-writing every song on her album--that's not something most artists do
    uhm you guys first listen to it because her songs have guitar solo's and a few bad ass solo's to so before you give your crappy opinion go listen to it... because Taylor Swift is amazing !
    well, im really not a taylor swift fan, but i can listen to her. I do have to applaud her for writing her own songs, cuz not even the idiots in nickelback do that. Im not a fan of country myself, i usually listen to stuff like the devil wears prada and a day to remember, but she has a very nice voice. Taylor Swift can play the guitar, which is why her cd was reviewed on here....duh....Not everything on here has to be 80's thrash metal.
    was unsure about taylor swift after listening to the first album she released - but i love this one! i do agree that it isn't displaying the best guitar skills, solos etc. but you must admit she is very talented and a great song writer.