Fearless review by Taylor Swift

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  • Released: Nov 11, 2008
  • Sound: 3
  • Lyrics: 2
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 3 Poor
  • Users' score: 8.6 (90 votes)
Taylor Swift: Fearless

Sound — 3
The sound of the album is not too great but considering the artist, not much can be expected. It is a little better than the first album taylor Swift, but it still has a long way to go to improve. Firstly, Taylor Swift's voice is quite average. It makes you wonder how she actually got to be a singer, it also sounds a little low and as if she's singing through her nose. All the songs basically sound the same, they use mostly the same instruments with the occasional electric guitar.

Lyrics — 2
Well they just tell stories. The stories almost all deal with love and Taylor Swifts life and it makes you wonder how many boyfriends did she have? In my opinion I really dislike the way she puts names into songs. The problem with telling a straight out story for a song is that sometimes it doesn't really go along with the beat and it almost never rhymes. The only good thing is that taylor Swift's voice matches the lyrics.

Overall Impression — 4
Compared to her first album, this is an improvement. It does not compare though to many of the other albums on the market. It feels a bit too mellow and to me there seems that there is not much emotion or thought put into it-like the disney songs it's just out there to be bought. The best song in the album would be Change, this is slightly different from the other songs and it has electric guitar in it. However, it gets quite old and the topic is rather vague. You belong with me has a good beat which many people like. Love story is based on Romeo and Juliet and this would be cool but WTF! No one dies? The video clips are ok though. I do not really love anything about it but I do hate some of the songs. If it were stolen, I would most probably not buy it again because frankly it is a waste of money.

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    btsrox1 wrote: well, im really not a taylor swift fan, but i can listen to her. I do have to applaud her for writing her own songs, cuz not even the idiots in nickelback do that. Im not a fan of country myself, i usually listen to stuff like the devil wears prada and a day to remember, but she has a very nice voice. Taylor Swift can play the guitar, which is why her cd was reviewed on here....duh....Not everything on here has to be 80's thrash metal.
    Nickelback does write thier own songs, thanks
    Cheeseman Jay
    jobaog : who cares what you people think. You people are obviously deaf. So tell me what is GOOD music 2 u? Em0? Death?
    Indeed. I love Death and Black metal. That shut you up pal
    Cheeseman Jay wrote: jobaog : who cares what you people think. You people are obviously deaf. So tell me what is GOOD music 2 u? Em0? Death? Indeed. I love Death and Black metal. That shut you up pal
    haha! that didnt shut me up! youve just shown your a faggot that waists his time talking down on artists you dont like even though TAYLOR SWIFT has more talent and hotness then you will ever have. FOR THE RECORD: I am also a fan of blink-182, Tool, Rush, Owl City and lots others so I'm not just some tiny-bop prick!! GO T. SIZZLE!!
    IamGod 666 wrote: This is the worst review on UG.
    Well duh. Its taylor swift. what were you expecting?
    what the hell are these reviews about? they are shocking! and why is every1 here trying to use the "what would i do if i lost it" thing, to try and show how much they like the album! absolute joke