Fearless review by Taylor Swift

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  • Released: Nov 11, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (90 votes)
Taylor Swift: Fearless

Sound — 8
Taylor Swift sound is very unique. In her newest album, the Fearless Platinum Edition, it adds 6 new songs to the original tracks of Fearless which sold over 10 million copies. I think that the 6 new tracks added deffinitly add to Fearless. I absolutely loved Fearless, I really do, but its just not like her first album. She didn't keep the same good old country sound in her music. The original Fearless was deffifinitly more popish, but the 6 tracks added deffinitly make a different impression. I think that some of the tracks deffinitly had more countryish sound. The old her is starting to come back. And hopefully her third albu won't get turned into pop!

Lyrics — 10
Taylor Swifts lyrics are amazing! She writes or co-writes all her songs. Her songs deffintily relate to teenagers. She still is kind of a teenager, and so she writes all of our life stories. Its deffinitly a comfort to listen to Taylor Swift music. Because she goes through a lot of the same things, and it helps you not feel alone. Taylor can sing amazingly. Even live, she sounds great. But she deffinitly doesn't lip sing, because she makes mistakes sometimes.

Overall Impression — 9
I don't think it can compare. Its way too good to be compared to other artists albums. What I love about it is its different. She's not afraid to make music that wasn't popular on the radio. She wanted to be different, and thats why we all love her. The best songs in my opinion are from the 6 new songs are Superstar and The Other Side of the Door. Superstar brings back that old Taylor that we miss, and its an amazing song about this guy who's all popular, and plays guitar, and she adores him like every other girl in the school. The Other Side of The Door is about her boyfriend, and they're fighting, but she's really fighting because she wants him to relize that she wants him to admit that he's in love, to do crazy wild loveable things for her, like to throw pebbles at her window. And when he finally does she tells him she doesn't need him, but she really does. Then the end verse is very personal, I'm guessing. It feels like a seperate song but its not. After a while it'll fit. Its like a story of her memories about him. I think the end is the best part. Then from the original tracks, my favorites are pretty much all of them. If my CD got lost I would deffinitly buy it again! I won't tell you anymore, you can go and buy the CD yourself and listen!

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    I think this is a great album, allthough I am a seventeen-year-old boy who listens to Death Cab For Cutie, The Low Anthem, Noah And The Whale and other 'interesting' music. I don't think you should condemn music in advance because it's popular or because it's a 20-year-old girl instead of a 40-year-old heroin addict (I love Nine Inch Nails by the way). Ok, I don't like MIley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers make me vomit, but I think Taylor Swift is a honest girl with much talent who can write great songs. I envy here too, like many of you, because she's so succesfull. But what if you'd just grab your guitar and wrote an awesome song yourself, instead of reacting to my comment?
    I prefer Speak Now and Taylor Swift personally, but at least it's better than Red. There are a couple songs on here that I really dig. For those complaining about how it's pop and therefore crap, first of all that's a really bad way of looking at music, try judging it by merit, second of all Judas Priest have done more poppy stuff than this. I don't blame you for trying to pretend Turbo never happened, but that album makes this stuff look bloody "underground". That said it won't be till I'm holding the new Amorphis album in my hands that I'll be able to feel manly again...