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artist: Taylor Swift date: 11/10/2007 category: compact discs
Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift
Release Date: Oct 24, 2006
Label: Big MacHine
Genres: Contemporary Country, Country-Pop, Hard Bop, Post-Bop
Number Of Tracks: 11
Swift's young age may be a major point of interest in bringing listeners in, but by the end of the record she's succeeded in keeping them.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Taylor Swift Reviewed by: Snowwika, on november 10, 2007
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Sound: I thought the guitar chords fit very well with Taylor's voice and all the other instruments. The guitar playing was very clear and strong, and so was the fiddle, but I didn't even realize there was a mandolin in half the songs until I read the album sleeve. The faster songs had a really fun sound and feel to them, and the slower ones were more soothing. Plus, Taylor's a awesome singer. // 9

Lyrics: Most of the lyrics were very touching, except for "Picture to Burn", but I don't think it's lyrics are supposed to be touching. The lyrics for "Teardrops" and "Invisible" are quite similar, both about liking someone and they barely even notice you. "Cold As You" and "A Perfectly Good Heart" are some of those songs that you can listen to when your boyfriend breaks up with you. So, overall, I like most of the lyrics; although a bit more work could've been done on "A Place In This World" and "The Outside". // 9

Overall Impression: Taylor's first album was great, I thought, and this one is basically the same, but with the addition of 3 new songs, "I'm Only Me When I'm With You", "Invisible", and "A Perfectly Good Heart" and a DVD with music videos and behind-the-scenes footage, including one of Taylor's home movies. My favorite songs are "Our Song", "Should've Said No", "Invisible", and "A Perfectly Good Heart". If someone stole it, I would definitely go out and but it again if I couldn't get it back. // 10

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overall: 10
Taylor Swift Reviewed by: DarkDallasNight, on march 06, 2007
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Sound: This album is hand downs one of the best releases of 2006 in the Country music scene. I originally purchased this album last October after I saw her "Tim Mcgraw" music video and it still hasn't disappointed me yet. The album is flawless in the fact that it is able to deliver songs that are catchy and fun but at the same time depressing as songs like "Teardrops On My Guitar" and "Cold As You" slow down the tempo of the album. The album is also enhanced which means that you get the "Tim McGraw" music video and a short clip of her performing at the Opry's as a bonus. The album art is really cool and Taylor embedded some hidden messages in her lyrics. The interplay between the classic Nashville sound has also contributed to this album's success. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are great considering that she is still only 17 years and the fact that she co-wrote all of her songs. She also plays the acoustic guitar on about 7 of these songs and that added a very personal touch to the cd. Taylor's voice is relatively powerful as songs like "Picture To Burn" showcase her country roots. However, did does not sound like Miranda Lambert as you all of you may have of already realized. The best way to describe the sound of this album is to liken it to a pop album and hits of country here and there. // 10

Overall Impression: Out of the four cds that I purchased in 2006 (Silverstein: 18 Candles, Miranda Lambert: Kerosene, Radio Racer: Away from California, and this album)I would have to say that this is my favorite. The songs on the album never get boring and I really have fallen in love with it. The only con that I can think of is the fact that "I'D Lie" was put on this album. Nevertheless, if this album were to be stolen, I would definitely cough out another $10 to the local Wal-Mart because this album is pure gold. // 10

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