Shutup&Jam! review by Ted Nugent

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  • Released: Jul 4, 2014
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 3.1 (47 votes)
Ted Nugent: Shutup&Jam!

Sound — 7
If a filmmaker was trying to parody a typical conservative American, the filmmaker would need to look no further than Ted Nugent ("The Simpsons" actually dedicated an entire episode to parodying him). While Ted Nugent has always been the conservative, gun-toting, game hunting, all American man that he is known as today, he was at one point known more for his music. With hits such as "Stranglehold" and "Cat Scratch Fever," Nugent was one of the guitar heroes of the 1970s' hard rock genre. Coincidentally, he is also a playable character in the "Guitar Hero" video game series.

With his new album, "Shutup&Jam!," Nugent appears to address the hoopla surrounding his political views and pop culture status in the title. For the most part, he stays true to the title, providing an album of straight rock and roll jamming. It seems like Nugent, with this album, is out primarily to impress his fan base. He plays the same type of rock that made him famous so many years ago. As a Ted Nugent fan, it's always nice to listen to his music. This album adds fuel to the fire. However, as a connoisseur of guitar based music in general, this album is not all that impressive, just more of the same. 

Do not get me wrong. Ted Nugent is still the Motor City Madman. He can still play guitar well, sing well, and write songs well. His blues-rock riffs are still catchy. However, none are memorable. The same goes for his choruses. Nugent introduces nothing new, so much so that I would recommend not listening to this album; the previous albums in his catalog are the exact same style, just better and grittier.

The only song that sounds new and interesting is the instrumental "Throttledown," which has some exceptional soloing. In terms of the most memorable song, I would go with the album's opener/title track. The song opens with double stops that immediately send the song into a pulsing overdrive, seemingly setting the tone for the album. The chorus is actually pretty memorable and the song as a whole is great. The problem is that none of the other songs could come close. Even "Throttledown" is just interesting, not amazing. Maybe the first song just inherently sounds more novel than the rest of the songs on the album since all of the songs are similar.

In any event, fans of Ted Nugent will have no problem liking this album. I, as a fan of Ted Nugent, enjoyed the album. Yet, it still is not good enough to earn a spot on my iPod; I would rather just listen to the rest of his catalog. If there is one thing I do know, it is that Ted Nugent doesn't care what anyone thinks; he will play what he wants to play and sing about what he likes to sing about regardless of anyone's opinion. Maybe he is just worn out, but I expected better. Honestly, I expected something with the effort and novelty along the lines of AC/DC's "Black Ice"; even though that album was standard AC/DC, the band still somehow managed to make it sound new and interesting.

Lyrics — 7
If there is one thing nobody should fault Ted Nugent for, it is singing about what he likes best. And if you don't know what he likes best, Ted likes his women, his meat, and his America. As I mentioned before, the vocal melodies are not incredibly memorably but they are certainly adequate. As always, Nugent's lyrics are either fun or funny, depending on how you look at it.

Here is a sampling of lyrics from "I Love My BBQ":

"I love my barbecue,
It's what Americans do,
Pull up a chair, I'll get a bib for you...

Well, the tofu just might kill you baby,
A tossed salad makes you weak,
I like the kill on the grill mama,
It's protein that we seek.

I love my barbecue."

Overall Impression — 6
In summary, this album shows Ted Nugent doing what he does best, rocking and rolling. At this stage in his career, it is obvious that Ted Nugent is not in the mood to experiment. And for many people, that will be adequate. Truthfully, "Shutup&Jam!" is a solid album. But it is nothing remotely new for Ted Nugent. As such, it will likely only appeal to those who are already fans of him. If you are not a fan of Ted Nugent after listening to his previous work, this album is not likely to win you over.

Regardless, this album can give a nice time on a July 4th afternoon (just missed it) or give just as good a laugh to people amiable to the subjects he is fond of.

All that is left now is to await the response of Dave Mustaine.

After all, we need some Republicans to vie for office this year. And Homer Simpson is ready to make his selection.

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    Giving I love my bbq a 7 automatically disqualifies a person from reviewing anything.
    "Well, the tofu just might kill you baby, A tossed salad makes you weak, I like the kill on the grill mama, It's protein that we seek." Umm.. Tofu has protein...
    I vote this for most hilarious album cover of the year! But there are some good songs on the album as well, nothing memorable but Never Stop Believing is a tune that I've found myself humming to the last few days.
    I have to agree. I don't know why, but what makes my butt itch is the headstock being cut off. And can someone tell me what the hell is going on with the track "Fear Itself"? Perhaps some tofu would help mr. nugent play in time when duping himself. Meh
    This album is the best example for useless bullsh*t nobody needs I have seen in this decade.
    I like the album. It is what it is meant to be. An old school classic/70's rock album. Nothing over the top. Just good ol' rock and roll. Anyone looking for guitar virtuoso or speed, etc, this is the wrong artist to be looking at. Good ol' in your face classic rock? Yup. Like him or not, you have to give it to Nugent. He doesn't back down from an argument, a fight, or give a shit about what people think of him. I respect that. Stands up for himself, for what he believes and feels, and backs it up with actions. That is a far cry better than most.
    Check out his work on the Damn Yankees albums....some pretty decent shredding....
    I guess I don't see what is so in your face? Unless you are speaking of the BBQ.
    Any songs putting down the President? I'm surprised there isn't a song called Ultimate Guitarist, considering how many articles UG used to put out for Nugent.
    Almost have to agree word for word on this review. It's typical Ted, but nothing really stands out on this album as great. Listened to it on Spotify, but definitely won't buy it, although I am going to see him later this month at a show. Meh, I tried.
    The Spoon
    I have had "I Love My BBQ" stuck in my head for a week against my will. It's so funny though.
    After reading the comments the album is worth buying just because of all the butthurt Nugent causes amongst the whiners.
    Ironic comment as Nugent is the supreme being of the "whiners."
    I Love My BBQ was the only song I listened to, since it seems to be the only song anyone here acknowledges. All it did was make me hungry.
    I listened to most of the tracks off the album and there are no songs that really stand out for me. The "I Love My BBQ" song is just horrendous. I'm thinking uncle Ted just needed more background music for his Outdoor Channel show and made this in a week. This definitely does not deserve anything higher than a 6; exclude the BBQ song and it would only make it a 7 at best.