Ted Nugent review by Ted Nugent

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  • Released: Dec 31, 1974
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (1 vote)
Ted Nugent: Ted Nugent

Sound — 9
Before Eddie Van Halen and while Jimmy Page was taking some long, Coke-induced break there was hardly any real guitar-based artists out at this time. Those artists that would melt your face off at the first sound of the roaring guitar with all of the amps turned up to 11. Well, in 1975, you had to fear no more: Uncle Ted was here. His sound really brought something new and fresh to the 70's. It was heavy when needed, but it did have the small moments of this tension building quiet time in some songs that the guitar sounded very raw. The Solo's that take place in this album really build it up. Yeah, there are the singles and the catchy tunes that go with it, but everyone remember's this album for one song that involved Ted showing off his ability musically: "Stranglehold". The amount of musicianship and power that go into that song still make it a great listen to this day. The bass is really nothing to be concerned of. It's there when it needs to be or when there is a build up waiting for the guitars. The drums are perfect for this album: Loud, contained, and not too in the way. But when it comes to bass and drums, this is just another Rock'n'roll album. This is mainly about the guitars. For some songs, you can forget about the lyrics too. The riffs, solo's and rhythm's make this album what it is.

Lyrics — 9
One thing alot of people find hard to believe is that Ted didn't sing lead vocals this whole album. He actually only sang on 4 songs. The Rhythm guitarist, Derek St. Holmes, sings on most of this album. He does a great job vocally, and I think he is a better singer than Ted. But this would be his only album that he would take most of the vocal duties on. The lyrics are cheesy, raunchy, dirty, and crazy: Like Ted. "Stranglehold" is a song that has amazing lyrics, with Derek singing, and high notes hit, making it a hair raiser. "Hey, Baby" is probably the single of the album, being so radio friendly. "Just What The Doctor Ordered" is basically all about a prescription of Rock and Roll. "Motor City Madhouse" is catchy and fun kind of sing along song. The lyrics and singing fit very well in this album, but they don't really MAKE the album.

Overall Impression — 9
At the time when this was released, almost every band had made some rock anthem or was just on the verge of doing that. Foghat, Styx, Kansas, Kiss, Aerosmith, etc. Ted Nugent was about to start a career that it in itself is an anthem. He could have lived off of this one album and had his time like all of the other bands, but he would continue on to make more of these amazing, straight forward, hard rock albums. The great thing about Ted Nugent albums are than you know what you are getting when you buy this album. And what you get here is clear, straight, in your face, kick your a-s Rock and Roll. The track list: 01. Stranglehold (1) 02. Stormtroopin' 03. Hey Baby (3) 04. Just What The Doctor Ordered 05. Snakeskin Cowboy 06. Motor City Madhouse (2) 07. Where Have You Been All My Life 08. You Make Me Feel Right At Home 09. Queen Of The Forest (4) The track list shows the top 4 songs on this album. "Queen Of The Forest" gets 4th because it's catchy, heavy and it really gives the album a good ending. There's not really alot to hate about this album. Maybe they could have added a track or two more, or made some of the shorter ones longer. I would have liked to hear a longer version of "You Make Me Feel Right At Home". Ted Nugent is one of the artists that really made the 70's rock scene. His ferociousness, and take no prisoners act made him a rock star to be dealt with. Today, he's nowhere near as popular as he once was, but he still does as many shows as he can and plays alot of the songs off this album still to this day! I CANNOT be any more serious when I say "This album is what Rock and Roll is all about".

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