Rize Of The Fenix review by Tenacious D

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  • Released: May 15, 2012
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (189 votes)
Tenacious D: Rize Of The Fenix

Sound — 8
The D are back! Jables and Kage have returned to their old acoustic driven sound from their debut album, whilst retaining their power from "The Pick Of Destiny". The noticeable change in this album is that it is more a rock album than a comedy album, but don't get me wrong it's still a pisser!! Kage is a seriously talented guitarist and it would be great to see his skills on full display, but he does a great job in being the musical genius in "Fenix". This album doesn't quite live up to the heights of their debut (nothing will ever top Tribute), but is a great fix for any D fan

Lyrics — 9
Jables, like Kage is seriously underrated and would fit right into any rock band of the 80's/90's. Where Kage brings the rock side of the album with his riffs, Jables does so with a hilarious undertone that reaffirms any doubts that the D are back with a vengeance. Some songs make Jables the shining light on this album for me. But undoubtedly, the D wouldn't be nearly as good without the silver fingers of Kage.

Overall Impression — 8
01. "Rize Of The Fenix": First single, one of the highlights of the album. Long epic which combines groove, aggressiveness and melody superbly. 02. "Low Hanging Fruit": At first listen it seemed like a straight rock song until I listened carefully to the lyrics. A decent song about sex. 03. "Classical Teacher": A return to the spoken word skits of the self titled album. Again doesn't live up to "Inward Singing" or "Drive Thru" but a good laugh all the same. 04. "Senorita": Delivers just what the title promises, Spanish sounding riffs and vocals with a good rock groove. Something different and it works. 05. "Deth Starr": Sounds like a Star Wars tribute, but the lyrics delve deeper into the humor and its a surprisingly funny track. Good rock song too once it gets into it. Slow start and end kills it. 06. "Roadie": Personal Favorite! Love the song and the video is a great laugh! Musically beautiful and hard hitting and funny to boot. Jables vocals win it for me. 07. "Flutes And Trombones": Second and final skit on the album, in my opinion the funnier of the two, Jables steals the show but without Kyle it wouldn't work. 08. "The Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage": This is where Jables shines, displays the full range of his vocals through emotion and humor. Part 2 of the chronicles of the pair's hiatus after "Fenix" and as promised, a top ballad. 09. "Throwdown": Another favorite on the album, won't see much of it live but the stomping rhythm will make it a fan favorite among the rock lovers. Love the electric guitar riff coming in at 2:04. 10. "Rock Is Dead": Doesn't work for me, sounds rushed and not thought out, the solo is a facemelter but not quite enough to save it. 11. "They F--ked Our A-ses": I agree with the general consensus that had this song been a normal length it could've been a killer. Still what you get is still lethal. 12. "To Be The Best": Accompanied by a cracker of a video, and is another I wish had been longer. But I love the 1:00 of "To Be The Best" due to Jables stunning vocals again. 13. "39": Another that doesn't quite do it for me, maybe not heavy/loud enough but it is an acoustic song by an acoustic band I guess. Will admit some lines will leave you in hysterics. 14. "Quantum Leap" (Bonus Track): Cool Groovy Riff that needs the backing band's support to make it a hit. Lyrics are pretty cool song, could have easily been added to the album. 15. "Rivers Of Brown" (Bonus Track): Worst of the lot I reckon, but will still do enough for some. Can see why it is a bonus track. Overall a D album through and through and it will leave many hoping (me included) that we don't have another 6 years before the D "rize" again!

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    slashermaster wrote: come back of the year hands down
    I wouldn't talk just yet, we still have new Soundgarden coming later this year. I don't really know how this album constitutes as a comeback album anyway...
    39 Is a pretty sweet song, more Bob Seger then Springsteen though in my opinion. Solid D album though, wasn't disappointed.