The Pick of Destiny review by Tenacious D

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  • Released: Nov 14, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (476 votes)
Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

Sound — 9
I thought the sound was awesome. It wasn't all acoustic like the last one. It is very much like a rock opera. Something like Jesus Christ Superstar or Tommy. Jack Black's voice is so freakin' cool. He can do a lot of crap with it (take Master Exploder for example). Like many, my favorite song is Beezle Boss where Dave Grohl (who used to be the drummer of Nirvana and the lead singer of Foo Fighters) is the devil.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are really silly. A lot of the songs seem pointless like "The Government Totally Sucks" and "The Metal" but it's all good. Jack Black's lyrics are simple but really good. Jack Black is a crazy singer and Kage sound really good when they sing together.

Overall Impression — 8
Here's what I think about the album: 01. Kickapoo - really cool song.Sounds a lot like a rock opera. Meat Loaf sings in this too. 02. Classico - Jack Black adds lyrics to some old classical song. It's really funny. It's not even a minute long but it just shows what Jack and Kage can do in just 58 seconds. 03. Baby - my least favorite track. There are good acoustics and Jack and Kage do lots of harmonies and stuff. My favorite part is during the end when Jack cries like a baby. 04. Destiny - a very short track but one I like to listen over and over again. Another epic. 05. History - seems like an old song. It's about the history of Tenacious D which is nonsense but still sounds decent. 06. The Goverment Totally Sucks - This song has one of the best set of lyrics on the whole CD. My favorite part is at the end when Jack says "Yeah, it was great, compared to bullshit!" My second favorite track on the album. Jack Black's voice sounds a lot like it did on School of rock. Kage has an awesome solo during the end (at least I think it's Kage). The solo is electric and is in like 3 different octaves. All rock should be like this song. 08. The Divide - not really a song but gets the story moving along. 09. He's My Sassafrass - hilarious song. It's really demented in the beginning like Monty Phython but during the end, it turns into a rock epic. Awesome. 10. Dude - an alright song. Sounds a lot like Baby but is so much better. Great solo. 11. Break In City - a great rocker. A head banger. Pretty much all I can say. 12. Car Chase City - even better than the last song. My third favorite. 13. Beezle Boss - my favorite on the album. This is where Jack and Kage and Grohl have a rock battle. This is where all you have just listened to becomes crap and this is real music. Very theatrical too. Obviously, Kage and Jables win and the devil goes back to hell. Still an unbelivable song. Once you start listening, you can't turn it off. 14. POD - this songs kicks ass. See the music video and you'll agree. 15. The Metal - a dumb song. Has nothing to do with the album but is ok. Overall I'd give it an 8/10 which is like a B plus. Beezle Boss is totally worth the price. This CD is original and dosn't really sound like anything else. If this were stolen or lost I would buy it again.

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    Hey I'm pis*ed! They took out the 7. in my review. It looks like I skipped a track.
    Stingmaskii wrote: I HATED the movie! I'm a huge Tenacious D fan (I have all their other stuff) but I only laughed like twice the whole time. Some of the stuff is chuckle worthy, but that's about it. I'd rent it though, just to check it out. It was f'ing hillarious listening to the guys who were stoned out of their minds next to us.
    Agreed. It seemed thrown together. Didn't flow.