How The Lonely Keep review by Terminal

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  • Released: Jun 28, 2005
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (5 votes)
Terminal: How The Lonely Keep

Sound — 8
The short lived Terminal was a Indie-Rock band that put out only one Album "How The Lonely Keep". A shame in itself as the album was rather well written and well played. I first came across the album from my friend who has stumbled across their Myspace page and fell in love with the band immediately, after he exposed me to the music I fell for the music as well, this album being a little gem in my collection as it is not very well known but extreamly good. There is a definate rock influence in the album as well as a electro sound to it in some tracks like "Dark" the intro to the song is laced with underwater effects and synthasizer sounds. They have a bit of a emo tinge but not exactly to the extent of those other bands. However some songs like "Foster" are very slow acoustic emotionally driven songs.

Lyrics — 8
I was very impressed with the lyrics in this album, from the get go the singer Travis Bryant who has a soft voice but as he gets louder he sounds more like the lead singer from Bayside. The lyrics can be straight foreward (as in foster "My legs are shaking, as I stare into the waking, guess I always knew, you were broken on the inside, watched life passing you by, but you couldnt move and no one stopped to ask you, if it was okay") and there are more melodic and metaphoric (such as in dark "You live in regret, it hurts to know how much you mis, I want to make you feel alright hold you through the dark tonight, honestly have you ever been honest with yourself or are you someone elses point of view.") The singers skills go very well with the songs and has a shallower range of tone but in this music it flows well.

Overall Impression — 9
I think this album was one of the lost gems of music, they could have been a very big band if they hadn't have broken up, the most impressive songs on the album have to be Dark, Foster, City by the Sea, and Miss Louisianna, you can also check out there for acoustic versions of the music and other demos that the band was unable to release appropriately as well as the tabs for their songs. If stolen I would buy it again in a instant and seeing I only got it from Itunes, it wouldn't be hard.

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    shame this band split up. fortunately, Bryant has come up with a new band, Alive In Wild Paint. it's not like Terminal, but awesome nevertheless.
    I haven't heard this yet but it sounds like it might be good. The drummer and bassist have a new band now that's called "Oh, Sleeper". They are really good, they have Shane Blay from Between the Buried and Me as the guitarist