Concealing Fate [EP] Review

artist: TesseracT date: 01/04/2011 category: compact discs
TesseracT: Concealing Fate [EP]
Released: Oct 12, 2010
Genre: Math Metal/Progressive Metal/Technical Metal
Label: Century Media
Number Of Tracks: 6
Periphery and CiLiCe are the only two bands with a grip of the idea that TesseracT have total control over.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Concealing Fate [EP] Reviewed by: EpiExplorer, on october 15, 2010
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Sound: Think to 2003 when 3 guitarists on a forum website had ideas to create a new style of progressive music. From this, 3 bands rose in a new wave of music described only as "djent": Fellsilent, Periphery and TesseracT. During the 7 year gap up till now, only Fellsilent had any success and has since split up. Periphery only released their debut this year and now TesseracT has released this highly anticipated EP, "Concealing Fate". The demos promised highly ambient, atmospheric and technical metal coupled with varying textures of heavy and soft material which frankly, sounded too good to be true. Well, the EP has definitely lived up to this expectation. As well as having incredibly precise, powerful and well calculated instrumentation, there's this whole other canvas of music that is explored with vocalist Dan Tompkins and the creative brain of lead guitarist and overall mastermind Acle Kahney. Along each rhythmic guitar line, there is a sublime backdrop of ambient effects, clean guitar and heavy atmosphere. A simple idea that's pulled of masterfully and when accompanied by Mr Tompkins's soaring voice creates a concoction for euphoria. Anything negative to add? Nothing major, I'd say that the poppy/slapping bass style doesn't fit much in with the sound but it appears for very brief moments and does nothing to upset the music or mood. The songs all meld into one another so to make sense of the entire EP you'll need to listen to the songs in order. Not only that, but songs like "Deception" and "The Impossible" contain riffs and structures of both songs together, and this trend within the rest of the EP makes it feel like one really long song... which, when the music is this good, is nothing to complain about. // 10

Lyrics: After not being able to record full material with original vocalist Abisola Obasanya (because he lived in France), Acle Kahney found Dan Tompkins from Prog/post-hardcore band First Signs Of Frost. First impressions weren't very pleasing but that was mental prejudice getting in the way. Tompkins has a voice suited for your average metalcore band, but his voice is far from average. While it would sound like pure sonic venom in any other band, in TesseracT it's an entirely different feel. Let's just say that this band can meld melody with a master crafting hand and there are very few vocalists who would fit in the same way as Daniel does with this band. Chester Bennington and that guy from Threat Signal would gain a lot if they were to learn from Daniel. Lyrics are special too, although entirely abstract and without a definitive story/theme. They are simplistic and suitably robust for the music. From "Deception" (or the song formally known as Deception Part 2): "So my demons Your time has come You and I both entwined How refined an encounter You ignite within my mind with one desire" Apart from SOME of the vocal performance in the song "Perfection" which was somewhat clich (the very bad sort of clich), there is not really much else to say. // 9

Overall Impression: All good things come to those who wait and 7 years is a bloody long time to wait. Century Media being the corporate mongrels they are (well, not really but a record label's a record label) and having pushed back TesseracT's debut album "One" till (ARRRG) next year, "Concealing Fate" is the closest we'll get to near-perfection. Comparable bands? Ha, I laugh at your face, guidelines. Oh alright: Periphery and CiLiCe are the only two bands with a grip of the idea that TesseracT have total control over. While both are melodious and equally technical, there's still too much of the "ObZen" floating the mechanical and amelodic riffing in Periphery while CiLiCe doesn't have any sense of being epic and is more of a headbang ritual. TesseracT command it all however and it's obvious those 7 years weren't wasted. I don't have anything to hate about this EP at all, it's what TesseracT promised to deliver and that's what it is. It's an experiment that succeeded on so many levels and can only serve as a hook and bait for listeners who've been waiting for the debut album, which is probably the only bad thing to say about it. Songs to check out: As the EP is one grand song... You'll have to listen to it all. // 9

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overall: 9
Concealing Fate [EP] Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 04, 2011
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Sound: TesseracT have created a very unique sound for themselves, borrowing from Acle's other band Fell Silent, Meshuggah, and adding their own touch and feel to it, which controls the whole thing. The amazing guitar tones with the muted strumming and the slap-bass in co-ordination with the drums really makes for some interesting patterns, but not complex enough to disturb thought. Rather, it encourages thought and is very natural. The incredible part is how hard it is to actually keep up with the patterns, they're much more complex than they sound. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics were very vague, just the way I like them. Although was a sort of concept with the song names and ideas, the concept was kept very vague and wasn't overly specific or intrusive. Absolutely the way I like it. The singer is one of the most skilled metal clean singers I have ever heard, and is a perfect fit for this band. // 8

Overall Impression: One of my favorite releases ever. I can listen to it from top to bottom with my eyes closed and forget about everything else I need to do. It provokes introspective thought in me, which not a lot of music does nowadays. I generally have very high standards when writing a review, but "Concealing Fate" whooped my a-s. I have no trouble giving this a 9, if only because there isn't enough music on it. I eagerly await their album. // 9

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