Continent review by The Acacia Strain

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  • Released: Aug 19, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.7 (43 votes)
The Acacia Strain: Continent

Sound — 7
The production on this album is clearer, and more concise than on The Dead Walk. The drums are tight and punchy, the guitar is sludgy, but tight, and the vocals are grating, but defined. Overall, everything is heard much better than on the previous effort, which is a good thing. It's new and clear, but still gives a legitimate view of their down and dirty sound. As for the music, the band's style has grown, and while I hate using this term, it is definitely more mature than anything they've done. While their breakdowns haven't changed that much, they're much more fitting of the songs, and not just there to be there. If you're a listener of Meshuggah, you'll hear some open notes that remind you of ObZen, and you'll think they're doing a reprise of 'Bleed' in one particular song. Another surprising element that makes an appearance on Continent is melody. I'm not going to go into a song by song breakdown, because that kind of ruins the element of surprise, but lets just say that the ending of the album is totally unexpected, especially considering a name like 'The Behemoth'. The sound of Continent blends what makes the band the Acacia Strain with a grown-up, more approachable sense of song-writing. In general, I'll give this a 7, but compared to usual Acacia Strain, it'd be an 8.

Lyrics — 7
If you're a fan of the band, you know that Vincent's writing is very laughable. This doesn't really change on Continent. The album's golden lyric is, Lie in the corner and pray to the god of I Don't Give a f--k, so you should know what to expect. Shots at Lambgoat, comparisons of abuse to Lifetime movies, and talk of the world being a toilet are just glimpses at the album's brilliance. Laughable? Yes. Awesome? Yes. As for the actual vocals, I can only say this: Vincent sounds inhuman. I honestly don't know how to describe them, except that there's a lasting grate / screech to them. They seem a bit deeper, and all the more monstrous, so you'll just have to hear them for yourself.

Overall Impression — 7
I'm very impressed. I think that some of it has to do with me being insanely excited over this CD, and almost pissing myself when I heard that it had leaked. I've been waiting forever for new material, and the band has delivered. However, I already feel myself getting a little bit bored with it, and it hasn't already been 24 hours since I first heard it. If you're a fan, download it. If you're not, check out the songs on their MySpace, and see how you like it. A download can't hurt, but listen to it before you go out and buy it. I'll definitely be buying this CD, along with some of their hilarious merch. Overall, the album is a welcome addition to my music library, and it's a dawn of a new day for the band. They've taken the first step to becoming a more open band, and it looks like their new direction is for the best.

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    Good band. And a cd release on my birthday, such a good day for me. If you haven't seen these guys live, do so. They put on an amazing show.
    VIRUSDETECTED wrote: This album is terrible in my opinion. One of the few things I've actually deleted off my computer.
    I love you.
    This Cd is a masterpiece plain and simple from start to finish. and im not a fan of Deathcore but these guys actually impress me. just saw them at the Harmony Grange a few days ago. they were ****ing brutal.
    I feel like the vocals, in the mix, lost some punch as opposed to Dead Walk. They are, however, more grating which is more accurate to his live shows but he still maintains the throaty punch that was on Dead Walk. Great Cd overall, and I love Vincent's approach to writing. Sick bastard
    Overall I think this Cd was a waste of money. The songs generally sound the same, and they seem to run into each other. It just sounds like one giant breakdown. As a fan of the band I was very disappointed, with the exception of The Combine. That song is freaking brutal!
    these lyrics are so funny. i found myself listening to this in my car and most of these songs sound the same. he uses to many open notes. dont get me wrong i love these guys and this has what made them popular but i think they need to re-invent themselves because it is starting to sound to alike. behemoth kicks so much ass
    Myb favourite Acacia Strain album, and one of my favourite albums to date. Absolutely adore it. Who is the end of the world? I am. Who thought they were dead? I did. What moves in the land of death? Nothing. What moves in the land of decay? Nothing. Yeah. Best lyrics evarr! xD YJ
    This album is terrible in my opinion. One of the few things I've actually deleted off my computer.
    The half-step up tuning dissapoints me, and their songs are really annoying to tab. I've spent three days on Dr. Doom alone, and I still got the rest of the album to go. Fantastic album though. Five stars.
    I really like this cd. JFC is definitely my favorite song of the album. Best lyrics "I want the world to my rape baby, so when its born I can strangle it to death." so brutal
    This album is frightening. Like, it seriously is scary to think about some of the songs. But it's just so good. The Combine is The Acacia Strains best song to date.
    Looks like its an intense album...gonna look for it some time
    Hey, UG: This is a ****ing hardcore / deathcore CD, so don't ****ing talk about the lyrics being "hard to swallow". If people don't like the whole package, then **** them- They don't have to listen. Quit ****ing talking about vocals.
    guitargodderyck wrote: sowhat360 : these genres are getting ridiculous. whats next, personalized music? POSTED: 08/19/2008 - 03:29 pm / quote i agree
    How is this ridiculous? I think it's fairly helpful to have terms to differentiate from death metal infused hardcore and hardcore. It's really just the same thing as any other genre name.
    sowhat360 : these genres are getting ridiculous. whats next, personalized music? POSTED: 08/19/2008 - 03:29 pm / quote i agree
    Great Album. The lyrics are pretty nasty. The sound is real good. Just wondering what it would have sounded like if they stayed with Adam D producing instead of going to Zeuss. They definitely put alot of work into this album. It took awhile to get used to but I am loving it now. I still prefer the dead walk but thats just me. Also anxious to hear the live sound with all the guitar tracks being reduced to only one. 8.5 and to sowhat360 deathcore is only a subgenre its just a way of classifying music. people blow these sort of things out of proportion. get over it, forget genres, and enjoy the music.
    sowhat360 these genres are getting ridiculous. whats next, personalized music?
    Forget-Me-Now is sooooo sick. I want your legs behind your head. haha. genius. also, the behemoth is a really good instrumental song.
    Definately a great album. I gave it a 9, but that is affected by the fact that it is "The Acacia Strain's new album". One of my favourite bands to date, I'd say. The new album is a lot heavier than most, and that's why they're good, so it makes sense for it to be their best album to date. I hope that it goes that way. (I'm still undecided, myself.) YJ
    not a huge fan of the genre but these guys are pretty intense literally. im definitely gonna check this out.
    im glad this wasnt given a 10. it's nothing too spectacular. the breakdowns just seem to fit better with the rest of the song imo... other than feeling a bit tacked on, like in previous releases. they are still good but now it all flows better. my favorite lyric is "i am the end of the world." and also.... the acacia strain is hardcore not deathcore.... theyre not touching death metal at all...
    Shredder Guitar wrote: the combine and jfc are my favorites off this album
    JFC is ****ing epic. the acacia strain really to me, seems a lot like a joke band. altho i have to admit, i let those guys stay at my house one time they are all totally chill. so that further's my thoughts of them being a joke band. which makes them fun. great live band too