Disconnect Me review by The Agonist

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  • Released: Apr 29, 2014
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8 (5 votes)
The Agonist: Disconnect Me

Sound — 8
The first new material since the depature of vocalist Alissa White-Gluz sounds mediocre, but still promising. The new vocalist Vicky Psarakis has one of the sickest growls I've ever heard, but I didn't like with her singing at first. However, after listening to the new songs some more, I'm starting to like her voice. I love the blues sound that she has going on in "Perpetual Notion," and those last high notes at the very end of the song are impressive not to say at least. At lot of people have noticed that "Disconnect Me"'s opening riff sounds at lot like the opening riff from "Blinded by Fear" by At The Gates. The same thing goes for the drums, which makes it sound even more similar. This gives you the feeling of "I've heard this so many times before," and musically the tracks kinda feel like leftover songs off of "Prisoners," cause even the bonus track from that album is better than these two songs. This doesn't mean the songs are bad, just that I hope that they're among the weaker tracks on the upcoming album. 

I really hope the mixing on the album is better than this, cause the vocals are way too loud, and there's a slight lack of low-end sound. Everything else sounds great, but I wish that Simon would show more of his insane drumskills. Guitarist Pascal injured his right hand during the recording of the single and had to play his solo on "Disconnect Me" with one hand. Because of this, the entire solo is tapping, followed by Danny's more melodic solo. This and the verse riff in "Perpetual Notion" are musically the most impressive parts of the single.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrically the songs are great, but it's still going to be very difficult to replace Alissa's amazing lyrics, not to mention her vocal range. I saw the band live earlier this years, and Vicky seemed to be struggling with the clean singing on a lot of Alissa's parts, especially on "Thank You, Pain," which was just embarrassing at times. We have to give her time though, it took Alissa many years before she sounded good live and now she's sounds fantastic. The lyrics in "Disconnect Me" are about people that spend to much time on computers and cellphones. The lyrics in "Perpetual Notion" says that we only believe in an afterlife because we have yet to except death. 

Even if Vicky has an impressive growl, she just does the exact same type of scream over and over again. Alissa's utilized her more organic sounding growl with much more range. The backing vocals by bassist Chris helps a bit with solving this problem by adding a little variety to the guttural vocals, but we will have to wait for the album to see if Vicky manages to fill Alissa shoes, but whatever happens, Alissa will always be a part of The Agonist.

Overall Impression — 7
"Disconnect Me" and "Perpetual Notion" are good but not great songs. I know that The Agonist can write better music than this, and thankfully the two other new songs they played at the concert, "Dance Macabre" and "Gates of Horn and Ivory," sounded really promising. I wasn't impressed with "Ideomotor" when I first heard it either, and it became my second favorite song off of "Prisoners." I'm not worried about the album being good enough, but is it gonna stand a chance against the 2 pre-seeding albums? - "Perpetual Notion" is a more interesting song than "Disconnect Me," but has a predictable song structure and no guitar solo, I can't pick one song over the other. "Eye of Providence" is scheduled for release on November 11th.

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