Everyday Demons Review

artist: The Answer date: 06/04/2010 category: compact discs
The Answer: Everyday Demons
Released: Mar 2, 2009 (UK), Mar 31, 2009 (US)
Genre: Blues Rock, Classic Rock
Label: Albert Records
Number Of Tracks: 11
If youre a fan of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones, youll likely be adding The Answer to that list shortly.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Everyday Demons Reviewed by: UG Team, on march 31, 2009
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Sound: When The Answer heard that their fans included the likes of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Def Leppard's Joe Elliott, the Northern Ireland quartet probably figured they were headed in the right direction. Not soon after, they had also garnered the attention of none other than AC/DC, who presented The Answer with the coveted opening spot on it's Black Ice Tour. And right about now, the band is seemingly honing in on mega-star status. It's true that The Answer's sound is heavily steeped in a variety of classic rock bands, and you're likely to hear the influences coming through pretty much every track on the band's 2nd studio album Everyday Demons. The fact that the band does it well is probably what is most impressive, and there are thousands of classic rock fans will be singing The Answer's praises by this time next year. Each track on Everyday Demons will undoubtedly have you thinking back to some of the rock greats. Not surprisingly, there are elements of the Rolling Stones, and the stagnated chord work of Too Far Gone is a prime example. That particular tune is rounded out by an extremely effective wah solo in the style of Slash, and guitarist Paul Mahon is integral in keeping the gritty riff work coming in each of the 11 tracks. If you're worried right about now that The Answer is a carbon copy of every other band, don't fret too long. The band still injects it's own style into every song, and by the end Everyday Demons you'll probably be hooked. It's not a huge shocker that Jimmy Page became an instant fan, particularly in tracks like Walkin' Mat and Comfort Zone. If you tend to enjoy the groove-oriented licks in Zeppelin tracks like Black Dog, then you'll eat up Walkin' Mat. At the other end of the spectrum is the Middle-Eastern-influenced Comfort Zone, which in some ways recalls Kashmir. Mahon's gritty riff work that has been a huge highlight of The Answer's music (they certainly convinced the people at Guitar Hero World Tour), but vocalist Cormac Neeson will be gaining many a fan for his astounding range, which can reach super-high notes. In fact, there are moments when Neeson can give Robert Plant himself a run for his money (not to mention that he bears a striking to him onstage at times). If you want to catch Neeson at his most amazing, immediately listen to Cry Out. // 9

Lyrics: The Answer's lyrics mimic the musical side in the fact that they tend to also follow a classic rock format. You won't find anything too unusual on Everyday Demons, but Neeson's phrasing and occasional humor give the lyrics the necessary impact. On And On has a familiar feel with lyrics such as So doctor, take a hammer to my broken heart; Can you tell me why; I've got trouble on my mind They follow the usual blues rock standard, but Neeson's delivery and phrasing are what sells that song and the entire CD in the end. // 8

Overall Impression: The Answer combines all the best parts about classic rock bands, which is why they'll likely have staying power. Enjoy a bit of Slash in your solo? Check out Too Far Gone. Love the way AC/DC songs begin? You'll enjoy Tonight. The list goes on and on, but The Answer wisely injects it's own style into every moment where you might start to recall a different band. And most importantly? This is one band that has the musical chops to pull it all off. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Everyday Demons Reviewed by: Snowman388, on june 04, 2010
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Sound: The Answer combines the high-octane (high voltage if you will, HAHA) raw energy and excitement from AC/DC with the blues-inspired guitar work and vocals from Led Zeppelin. Paul Mahon does a great job on the guitar, with fast, great riffs and powerful solos similar to that of Angus Young. He really comes into his own during "Too Far Gone". James Heatley does a good job on the drums, with some beats that will really get you going. Mickey Waters does his job on the bass. Cormac Neeson has one of the best voices I have heard in a long time, and is sure to become easily recognized like Bruce Dickinson. His gritty, smokey voice combined with Paul's shredding is a great combination. The Answer really rocks out at times, with songs like "On and On", "Demon Eyes" and "Too Far Gone". Here, Paul is the star of the show with his pounding riffs and fast solos. I found myself playing air guitar during "Too Far Gone", which is always a good sign. These songs are fast, loud and awesome. However, there is still that blues influence, found in "Cry Out", "Why'd You Change Your Mind?" and "Tonight". Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath fans will be glad to hear these, as they bring back the dated music of this era. They are very different from the hard rock ones, with Cormac really tearing up the airwaves with his set of pipes. Over the gentle guitar and drums, it is truly beautiful. The Answer also draws influence from 90's British Pop and 70's Stadium Rock on "Pride", sounding very similar to "Where I Find My Heaven" by Gigolo Aunts. "Pride" is probably the highlight of this album for me. // 9

Lyrics: As I previously mentioned, Cormac has a great voice. No doubt he will soon become a household name with the likes of Dio or Dickinson. He pours his soul into "Pride" and thrives in the blues songs. He holds his own in the rock songs, but Mahon really steals the show there. // 8

Overall Impression: This is really the stuff from the old days, when Black Sabbath had Ozzy Osbourne and Jimmy Paige was leaving the Yardbirds. Combining the energy from AC/DC with the blues of Led Zeppelin and you really have something special here. If you're a fan of Hard Rock, pick this album up. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Everyday Demons Reviewed by: Deanwings79, on may 04, 2009
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Sound: I bought this album a couple of weeks after they released it in the U.S. Roughly about a month ago. I had followed them ever since I saw them live opening for AC/DC in November and I had an immediate reaction that is "YES!" They have an uncanny ability to resurface the roots of rock, and incorporate a modern sound. I personally think it has to do with them dropping down to drop D for their songs, as well as the composition. The entire album straight through is a classic. Starting with Demon Eyes, which I think is the best song on the album, it starts with a heavy riff followed with Cormac Neesons absolutely UNTOUCHABLE vocals. The song then goes into the main rhythm and over the verses is just magic in the ears. Personally I think this was Paul Mahon's best solo on either full length album that they have done. Next is Too Far Gone. To be honest when I first heard it, I didn't like the opening vocal over the riff, but after that I absolutely think this song is one of the best on the record. It's got a lot of 70's in it imo. After that is the song that is the most popular among people I know and that is "on and on." This song doesn't disappoint the first two tracks, and even raises the bar a little with the wah-wah solo which is amazing. I'm gonna skip a coulpe of tracks, which I liked but really have nothing new to say about them. I would like to talk about Comfort Zone, the slow tempo masterpiece. When I first heard I was like "this can't be cormac," but indeed he has the versatility to change his voice to fit the song, using a deeper voice which is still better than anybody elses, I compare it a lot to Scott Weilands type of vocal. I think if there's any song that could fit into the modern pop style world it is this one. There is a really nice backround track from Mahon as he follows the vocals with his playing. As I said the vocals are some of the best in the last couple of years. I really enjoy this song as it is quiet and easy to listen too. There is no definite solo which is suitable. The last song I will touch on is "Evil Man" which instantly follows "Comfort Zone." It brings the vibe back to heavy rock like the beginning of the cd. It seems like a constant formula, a really nice leading hook, followed by a vocal over it, then a great rhythm and verse etc. It works perfectly everytime since this is imo the second best song on the record. // 9

Lyrics: Cormac Neeson Is God. His ability to sing like he does, it's untouchable by most rock singers today. I think of Dave Grohl, Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell, Dave Draiman, Eddie Vedder, and all the popular singers that are the centers of their bands, Cormac Neeson is easily in that list. He is also a talented songwriter which is proven on comfort zone and demon eyes and even evil man. // 9

Overall Impression: I think if this was around 30 years ago with zeppelin, Ac/dc, and other 70's hard rock bands, they would've blown most of them out of the water. But because this era is so pop and rap craved in the populice with alternative rock and death metal/nu metal/heavy metal all fighting for the rock genre, hard rock like this only seems to come with reunions. But the Answer are better, and they do it right, and I hope that they become larger than the rest of everyone else and have to ability to create absolute amazing front to back albums for the next 25 years and end up in cleveland one day. What's even more amazing is that they sound so great live, and they are so well liked by the what should be bigger fanbase that they have. They are from Ireland, and they promoted the entire beginning of their career to Europe and only in the last 8 months or so have turned their attention to America with Ac/dc. I wish America knew about them more, and at least played them on their radios becuase they would easily dominate any rock station out there. I can listen to these guys any day of the week and in any mood because they are just that great. I can't wait for whatever they release next. I don't like to give perfects on albums because all albums will have at least one song that isn't up to par and that's okay but the impression is a perfect 10 out of 10. // 10

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