The Second Gleam review by The Avett Brothers

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  • Released: Jul 22, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (9 votes)
The Avett Brothers: The Second Gleam

Sound — 9
First off, I'm an avid Avett fan for life. "The Second Gleam" EP (2008) was the last release before their most current album "I And Love And You" (2009) which could be seen as a polar opposite to this record. As heard in the first "Gleam" EP, the brothers strive for a stripped-down, acoustic set focusing on their strong writing skills. This isn't to say that the instrumental work lacks at all, only that it showcases their lyrical ability beyond anything up to that point in time. The tone is soft and sweet. Imagine sitting on the front porch of the Avett family farm. Armed with two guitars and the occasional banjo, these two make magic out of thin air.

Lyrics — 10
AS I mentioned above, this EP boasts highly thought provoking lyrics so profound that you'll need to listen twice to reach the level of satisfaction that comes with any ordinary first impression. The opening track, "Tear Down The House", isn't the fast hard hitting one liner wonder sound that the title implies. Instead it focuses on the irony of losing physical objects only someday lose your self as well. "Park the old car that I'd loved the best, inspection is due and it won't pass the test, Its' funny how I have to put it to rest, and how one day I will join it..." By far one of the Avett's most beloved hits it "Murder In The City", which once again does not sound as the title implies. "If I get murdered in the city, don't go revenging in my name, one person dead from such if plenty, no need to go get locked away..." Perhaps the most understated song on the album is "St. Josephs" which follows a young couple through many rough years of hardship and doubt. This song as well as many others written by the brothers sets out to prove that love conquers in times of desperation. It sifts through periods of sickness, fighting, childbirth, and marriage. Complimented by a beautiful melody and delicate harmonies.

Overall Impression — 9
Looking in retrospect, this album shows great depth in their music writing ability. AS time goes on, and they continue to move in towards the style of music they currently develop, this is a great example of how they can reduce the level of activity and still have intensity. In comparison to other albums by The Avett Brothers this ranks high, proving that they get better with each try. Lyrically, this is a strong front runner. If you are looking for some incredible acoustic music, look no further. The sound produced is trance like in its' ability to captivate the emotions of each story.

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