Beatles for Sale review by The Beatles

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  • Released: Dec 4, 1964
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (22 votes)
The Beatles: Beatles for Sale

Sound — 9
For the time that it was released, the sound is fairly good, but today, it sounds dated. Regardless of this, the skill of The Beatles is definitely there. Just listening to "No Reply" shows just how well Lennon and McCartney could structure a song together, whereas appart, they seemed lost (clearly shown in thier solo careers). The cover of Chuck Berry's "Rock N' Roll Music" stands out as one of the highlights of the album, as do "Eight Days A Week" and "What You're Doing". The other covers on here, though, are pretty annoying, in my oppinion, because they could have filled the places of these covers with much better things. Johnson's "Mr. Moonlight" is an okay song, but it's not something that The Beatles should be doing. The same goes for Buddy Holly's "Words Of Love", although it's a good song, I don't think that it fits. I love the guitar playing on this album. There's a lot of straight chords on songs, mixed with arpegiated chords, giving it an irreplaceable sound that only The Beatles could muster from their instruments. The bass playing is pretty unique too. Though I'm not a bassist or an expert on bass, I can tell that McCartney had (and still has) talent as a bassist. Most bass players these days play single note basslines, which irritate me so much, because there's no talent in it, then the bassist playing it get called "skilled", somehow. This sort of talent has been eradicted from today's popular music, which is a real shame, because a lot of the younger generation don't realise just how much can be produced from music. Maybe it's unpopular to try difficult basslines and difficult guitar playing as opposed to easy basslines and fast guitar playing. I don't know, I can only hope that music regains this talent, somehow, and shows just how meaningful it can be.

Lyrics — 8
The classic "'60s" lyrics on here are great. Songs like "Eight Days A Week" and "I'm A Loser" really spoke to the public at the time, and in many ways, still do. In 1964, many believed in love, and The Beatles enforced that belief with "Eight Days A Week". As for the other side of love, they produced "I'm A Loser", "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" and "No Reply", which spoke to those broken hearted people of the world and made them realise that they wernt so alone. In many ways, the lyrics of these songs still appeal to many people accross the land, and will for years to come. Some other lyrics could have been a lot better, like the lyrics on "Every Little Thing". They arnt bad lyrics, they just arn't good. They sound too 'cheesy' to me, and sound way too much like they're bragging about having someone, which is a bit annoying. If there's ever a thing that brings an album down, it's having a song that sounds rushed, and "Every Little Thing" is that song.

Overall Impression — 8
Not my favourite Beatles album. Not by far. When I bought Beatles For Sale I expected more, somehow. There's some great material on here, like the classic "Eight Days A Week", but some of the stuff isn't entirely memorable. I suppose, in many ways, that this is an album that grows on you. The more I listen to For Sale, the more I appreciate it. The Beatles are obviously giants of the music world (anyone who doesn't know that needs shooting), and it does show on this album, but doesn't show as well as it could have done. Maybe I'm being a little bit too critical, but I'm more of a Sgt Pepper era Beatles fan. I like the mid-'60s sound, but it gets to me after a while.

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    BFS is somewhat of a holding pattern. its the only album of theirs (let it be cant really be counted)that shows anything approaching weakness. As much as I despise the American albums, Beatles '65 does come off as a kickass rockabilly record moreso than this one. The I feel Fine\Shes a woman single was classic too despite being written in the studio.
    chrisb92 wrote: wtf why did someone post a review for Let it Be, in The Beatles For sale?
    d0nt be hard on em its probly their first time... i did a review and idk if iput it in the rite one either :/ hope i did but great albums anyway