This Is Who You Are review by The Beautiful Mistake

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  • Released: Apr 6, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 10 (2 votes)
The Beautiful Mistake: This Is Who You Are

Sound — 10
The Beautiful Mistake follow up 'Light a Match, For I Deserve To Burn' with their second full-length release 'This Is Who You Are'. It's incredible how much they matured in their sound in just a years time. There are some muted screams in only 2 tracks, and on the song "A Friendly Committee", there's some Comeback Kid-esque "yells". There's hardly any resemblence to the last record, except for the fact this album just as amazing. Very Impressive.

Lyrics — 10
As always, TBM manages to write some very provocative lyrics. I've been listening to this album almost every day for the past year, and I have yet to understand the meaning of some songs. Here's a list of all the tracks: 01. This Is Who You Are - excellent track. Very mature sound, and some amazing vocal work from Josh. One of my favorites. 02. Wide Eyed And Wasted - some interesting musicianship on this track. On the verses, there's some breathtaking guitar, but it's so muted you almost have to intentionally listen for. Features a great chorus. 03. My Reminder - probably my least favorite song on the album. It's more of a tribute to a loved one, but Josh's whiny voice is quite annoying on this track. Still a well written song. 04. Cold Hearts (For Tired Souls) - great song. The lyrics are very interesting and the vocal work is pretty good. There's some muted screaming in the background on parts. 05. A Safe Place - great bass line on this song. Some more screams in the background. 06. The Separation - this song has a different feel to it then the other tracks on the album. The verses feature a vocal performance worth noting. 07. The Great Divorce - one of my favorites. Well written and some amazing talent featured on this song. 08. Walking Wounded - another favorite. Very rock-oriented and great lyrics. Great song overall. 09. A Friendly Committee - this song pretty much smacks you in the face. It comes out of nowhere as an upbeat musical assault. Features Comeback Kid-ish yells several times. 10. Cold Hands (For Tired Hearts) - this song is just incredible. Features some great musicianship and just overall a breathtaking song. No doubt one of the best songs on the album. It makes it seem like 10 minutes isn't long enough for the song, and leaves you wanting to hear more.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is a great follow up to the 2003 release, and it shows how much a band's sound can mature in such a short time. If it were stolen, I would call everyone I knew and tell them how mad I am, and then eventually shutup and go buy another one. Even for those who aren't fans of the genre, I would deffinately recommend this album just to hear the impressive work from all members of the band.

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    This album is ten years old now and I listen to it often. Great stuff. Criminally underrated.