The Reawakening review by The Berzerker

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  • Released: Sep 1, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.4 (12 votes)
The Berzerker: The Reawakening

Sound — 9
The Reawakening is The Berzerkers Fifth studio album which was released September 1st 2008. It is also the bands first studio album to be released on their very own label "Berzerker Industries" after leaving their previous label "Earache". They have been around since 1995, the band is from Melbourne, Australia. The Track Listing for the album is: 01.Wisdom and Corruption 02.Unforgotten Force 03.Caught in the Crossfire 04.The Deception 05.Disassembly Line 06.Evolution of Aggression 07.Your Final Seconds 08.Harvesting a Loved One 09.Internal Examination 10.Spare Parts The Berzerker play a fast pace kind of Death Metal/Grindcore mixed with Gabber and Speedcore elements. The singer and founding member of the band Luke Kenny has described the music that they play as "Industrial Death Metal" The Berzerker Usually mix audio samples into their music and they do that on this album and personally that's something I like very much, But they don't go overboard on it, so like half the album is just audio samples i.e. "Mortician" (Mortician are a pretty awesome band though) Anyways... This whole album just works so well together with the guitar and drums, it has a nice sound that collaborates wonderfully much more than I've found on the previous releases in my opinion. The sound of the guitar is pretty heavy, The Berzerker use a lot of tremolo and palm muting techniques on this album, the drums are of course very distorted as usual but that doesn't make it predictable, there is a lot of blasting and double bass on this album but I don't find that very predictable, it's more so how fast a band can play nowadays, but the Berzerker have always been a fast band, The bass is low and chuggy as can be heard on track Seven "Your Final Seconds" and Track Two "An Unforgotten Force" and towards the end of Track Eight "Harvesting A Loved One". The Samples are pretty awesome such as at the start of track 8 "Spare Parts" "Every year millions of people around the world have their bodies repaired using spare parts taken from the dead". Pretty cool, yeah I Know"

Lyrics — 8
The Berzerker pretty much sing about Misanthropy, anger, Medical/pathological errors as stated on Encyclopaedia Metallum. "False friendship plagued me through this process Now I'm free I can start again, the reawakening I've, lived the life of a recording artist And been unfulfilled Take this, take that, Drain me until my passion is gone" From the song "The Deception". "Burn this place Life has gone Resurrect Those that wait Without you Forsaken Open up your mind and look beyond the things you think you know Corruption steams from the true evil of our world and existence". From Wisdom And Corruption, If any of those lyrics appeal to you, then I'm pretty sure you will not only like most of the album's lyrics, but also the sound of the album and the vocal style if you're into Death Metal (I would probably say the vocals are towards a more Death Metal style than Grindcore). Luke Kenny has quite a unique style to his vocal approach, he mixes between a low and high growl, well that doesn't sound so unique you might be thinking, take a listen and you will know what I mean, its hard to explain. And if you do listen and get put off, I recommend give it more than One go, a lot of my friends that I show this kind of music to, always say the music is alright but don't really like the vocals, This isn't exactly like hearing Metallica or Bon Jovi for the first time, vocally of course.

Overall Impression — 9
The Berzerker are overall a really awesome band, there a good band to check out if you're into heavy Death Metal/Grindcore mixed with Gabber/Speedcore beats. If I was to choose standout tracks on this album it would be really hard because all of the tracks are really good but it would probably be Wisdom and Corruption, Caught in the crossfire, The Deception and Your Final Seconds. This isn't one of those albums that you will listen to and think "Wow this is pretty cool" and never really listen to again, this will be one of those albums that will stick with you Throughout a lifetime, The Reawakening might not exactly be among the Metal classic's like Metallica's "Master of Puppets", Slayer's "Reign In Blood" or Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power", I mean after all The Berzerker aren't really a Thrash Metal band like most of those albums, now are they? But you understand what I mean just classic Metal albums. The Reawakening might not ever be as Musically great or popular as those albums To many people, but hell I think The Berzerker deserve a lot more recognition than the kind of stuff you hear on the radio, Nowadays. But then again that would be pretty weird seeing 5 year old kids wearing Death Metal/Grindcore T-Shirts, simply because of the fact that there played on the radio... Thanks for reading (And Remember to be Open Minded! As you will find and discover great new things) Visit there myspace.

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    the agony scene
    animosity was great i found this a step back. harvesting a loved one was one of the better tracks.
    lol, I thought it was a good cd (i did write a review for it!) :p, anyways someone go check out my other review for the county medical examiners Because I posted that up like 2 months ago and no one has really commented on it, thats not why I write reviews to get recognition but it would be nice lol. Thanks to everyone commenting, everyone is entitled to their Opinions!