Before The Frost...Until The Freeze review by The Black Crowes

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  • Released: Aug 31, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (27 votes)
The Black Crowes: Before The Frost...Until The Freeze

Sound — 10
What a bonus, just spotted link on the news page here on Ultimate Guitar that the Crowes had just released a new album! Had no idea one was even due let alone its been available for a mere 48 hours so cheers for the comments so far and I have promptly downloaded from the tunes of I.. The Bluesy rock n' roll these guys have been kicking out for 2 decades, maybe 3! Guess it would be 3 now eh, if you love your Killers and Kings of Leon these days or the Stones your going to be glad you tried if this is your first taste of the Black Crowes. Loved the Black Crowes for years and seen them do a couple of blinding gigs in Glasgow over the years, one in a small university hall QMU in 99 and maybe 3 years before in the Scottish Ex and Conf centre playing with Page and Plant....both amazing performances the sound of this album after listening to this for the fist time it takes me back to that Rock N Roll heaven. Girlfriend at the time who 11 yrs later is the Mother of our magic wee boy Struan even planted a kiss on Chris's cheek after the Uni gig. As this is a review for the album Ill kick off.. 01.Good morning Captain: blinding upbeat happy Crowes, a great start.. 02.Been A Longtime: classic Black Crowes builds up and up 03.Apaloosa: I'm a loser, or so I thought it said hearing it before reading the tracktitle, it is akin to She talks to angels in its harmony and my favourite so far! 04.A Train Makes a Lonely Sound: great lyrics great sound.. 05.I Ain't Hiding: whoa disco beat kick off! its a beauty...funk it 06.Kept My Soul: Oh yes. Listen to that bass..... drifts off a bit.. Ok 6 in and loving it I'll not spoil the surpise anymore but I would say get down to your record stores and buy this album now...or I got a great deal online, yeah I'm a fan but it knocks the hell out of some of the Crowes work notably 3charms and By your side, first impression is its stronger that Warpaint..

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are superb in the majority and perfect for the music - but don't always hold up on all the tracks, Chris Robinson must be up there with the best Vocalists of all time and another sterling performance throughout with bother Rich kicking in with a couple of great tunes too.. The lyrics are not the best at times but its all about the music is it not and that Black Crowes sound! Apaloosa, or I'm a loser! as I first thought listening to it! You'll all love that tune..

Overall Impression — 9
A must for fans and if you don't know the Crowes this would be a great introduction... Get back on the road to the UK guys and make sure you do Scotland again the new Carling Academy would be perfect, great acoustics and a proper theater for music.. and yeah Id love backstage passes.. Great to see the Black Crowes doing what they do best and rolling out a 20 track album for us to get our teeth into following Warpaint last year..

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    Awesome effort and the songs are great! I love the fact that these two CD's (and soon to be released DVD) were recorded in front of a live studio audience over the period of five nights! How cool is that? They wanted to capture the energy of a live performance on the CD's. Amorica was my favorite by The Black Crowes but these CD's are giving it a run for it's money. If you like straight up no bullshit rock-n-roll go buy BEFORE THE comes with the download code for the second and free CD ...UNTIL THE FREEZE.