Deflorate review by The Black Dahlia Murder

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  • Released: Sep 15, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (81 votes)
The Black Dahlia Murder: Deflorate

Sound — 8
In 2007, The Black Dahlia Murder released Nocturnal, which in my opinion, was their best album. Then when I found out John Kempainen had left the band and Ryan Knight had replaced him, I wanted to hear their new material, and they did not disappoint. The band stayed with a similar "Nocturnal" sound, but with greatly improved solos, and some better written songs. When I first heard it, I was like "Woah, that was fast!" but at the same time, it was kind of hard to distinguish the lyrics. But when you read the lyrics along with the songs, your left speechless. Standout tracks are: Black Valor, Necropolis, Christ Deformed, That Which Erodes The Most Tender, and I Will Return.

Lyrics — 9
This album takes about 3 or 4 listens to get the whole feel. The first time you listen to it, you just take in all at once. After that, you try to distinguish the lyrics, which is probably one of the things that I think makes this band amazing. 01. Black Valor: this song starts off with a pretty sick riff, which is complimented by a decent solo. The lyrics to this song are kind of similiar to Nocturnal's Of Darkness Spawned: An army of darkness waiting to attack. This song has a pretty catchy chorus both musically and lyrically. "Join us! Black valor's on our side! Striking with satanic force we'll crush their fabled Christ" The way Trevor sings it with the intro riff goes well together. 8.5/10 02. Necropolis: this song has a similar sounding riff, but slowed down. This song sports Black Dahlia's usual harmonized picking. Again, Trevor compliments his lyrics with the riff that goes together well. This song also has another catchy chorus, going "O lord divine please break this silence. Destroy your race of faceless liars." 9/10 03. A Selection Unnatural: this song's probably one of the fastest on the album. The lyrics are about a child born deformed, and is used as a scientific experiment. Trevor switches off between his high screams and low growls, quite often, and right away several times throughout the song. The solo isn't Ryan Knight's best efforts, but this song has one of my favorite lyrics from the album: "Can it feel human love? Though what would waste a drop on such a thing Mindless abomination Hideously destroyed today" 9.5/10 04. Denounced, Disgraced: this song isn't as catchy as the 3 before it, but it still comes up a decent song. Not the greatest lyrics, but a pretty sick solo. I think this song is about John's leaving though: "Forced to cut you down just another enemy The road long fought to victory Cancerous, poisoning anchored by this weakest link Turn your lying face in utter shame Denounced, disgraced" 6.5/10 05. Christ Deformed: another not quite as catchy song. I think this song lacks creativity musically, and lyrically, as the verse consists of a very broken down riff, and the lyrics similar to Black Valor. The band had a different approach to this song though, as Trevor uses his growls the majority of the song. Other than that, it's an ok song. "Wolves beset this fallen church of blasphemy Orgies in blood shall deflorate its purity" 6/10 06. Death Panorama: when I saw how short this song was, I was hoping for another I Worship Only What You Bleed or Climatic Degradation. The song as a whole doesn't disappoint, since it's not quite as boring as the two before it, but the lyrics weren't as catchy as I was hoping for. 6.5/10 07. Throne Of Lunacy: this song gives the album new life. The singing starts off right away, with another catchy chorus, and a sick solo. I'm not too sure what the song is about, but it's one of the best on the album. The way the intro is played gives that palm-muted "Miasma" feeling. "Ominous and obscure Carnivorous and monstrous Hideous and slithering Dead to eyes but ever dreaming Behind the stars at high Below the stirring sea Arise and claim your throne of lunacy" 9.5/10 08. Eyes of Thousand: this song sounds a lot like Climatic Degradation which actually isn't a bad thing. When I was reading the lyrics, I started laughing when he says "she'll suck you dry", and I thought to myself, "Is this song about a girlfriend?" as in he's broke. haha Anyway, another good song on the album. 7.5/10 09. That Which Erodes The Most Tender: this song is one of the best on the album, both music and lyric wise. The chorus has a super-mario-sounding riff in the chorus that caught me by surprise but still enjoyed very much. The whole song is written perfectly in my opinion. As for the lyrics, I think it's about a mother who's young child has died, but decides to take care of it anyway. "A hollow gaze peers from the cradle black Imagining his shining eyes just sockets staring back Witness the baptism skeletal the world would shun Reject the purest form of love A mother to her putrid rotting son" Amazing song. 10/10 10. I Will Return-This song, along with the one before it, are probably my two favorites on the album. The song is written like Miasma and Warborn, where the intro riff is repeated at the end with a variation of a solo which fades out. Unlike Miasma and Warborn though, the song's into is much more melodic. Lyrically, the song is about cryogenic freezing, and the almost "sci-fi" sounding solo fits it perfectly. Another all around perfect song and a perfect way to close the album. "Until the sky is black and the sun it never shows Til the whipping winds of nuclear winter cruelly blow The gift of immortality has been bestowed I will return, I will return" 10/10

Overall Impression — 8
I've yet to find a band that sounds similar to The Black Dahlia Murder. Some say they're a At The Gates ripoff, but I don't hear it. haha. Like I said, Black Valor, Necropolis, Throne of Lunacy, That Which Erodes The Most Tender, and I Will Return were the most impressive. The other songs just fell short of impressive, but were still good. The only thing I disliked on the album was that Denounced, Disgraced and Christ Deformed sound similar to each other and aren't as catchy as the other ones. If it were stolen, I'd be mad because I just bought it today. haha It's already saved in my compueter, and have been listening to the album on youtube since last week, but I'm just glad it's on my ipod now. I can see myself blasting this for at least a month.

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    great album. but nocturnal in my eyes is way better. the solos on deflorate are too technical, they got all written by John Knight, but no other TbDm Solo will ever be able to top the solo in the title song "nocturnal". They just don't sound as expressful as they do in the old stuff. But hey, tbdm still sounds awesome, so BUY THIS!
    Wooh this CD is awesome. Makes up for the sucky 3iob cd... i mean i love them but that Cd had only 3 good songs vs their old stuff which was all amazing. Enough about 3iob though. Necropolis is such a good song i think its better than what a horrible night to have a curse (which use to be my favorite bdm song) btw, cant wait for the great misdirect
    this review doesn't do the cd justice. you remember when miasma came out and you said, "how is anything supposed to top this?" when nocturnal came out you said, "it was alright." but after awhile you realized it kicked a lot of ass its the same way with deflorate. you're going to say, "it was alright" until like the third listen through.
    this album is great, but the solos kind of kill it for me. too technical, not as much emotion as Kempainen had
    I agree with shadowsolider08, the first time I listened to the entire album, I thought it was just okay. First 3 were really good, and I liked I Will Return because it sounded so different from their previous stuff. Anyhow, I wasn't impressed, I still liked Nocturnal more. Anyhow, after a couple more listens, I started absorbing more of it and got used to the new feel. This album seriously took a new feel. I was not prepared for those guitar solos. TBDM's solo's are usually very, very recognizable. These solos have something new to them. As for Shannon's drumming, I couldn't love it more (big fan of Shannon). Trevor's vocals sounded amazing, and after absorbing each of these individualy, I was ready to take the album full on again, and it was amazaing. However, despite how pleased I am with Deflorate, I still like Nocturnal more, possibly even Miasma more. Either way, great album. Buy it!
    xAxioNx wrote: they got all written by John Knight,
    fail, no john knight in bdm. on topic though, the first listen through sounded pretty dull, first three songs were kick ass, but it went way downhill after that until the closing track. next day i listened to it again, and it pwnd. when you listen to this CD,you have to realized it is NOT classic BDM; solos are good, but arent in the same progression/key/mode/whatever that previous ones were based on, so they sound more technical and dont seem to fit in as well. Nocturnal seemed to be more "classical death metal", with a vocal focus on highs over lows, where Miasma seemed like it had more vocal fluxuation and musical substance. Deflorate has both, but not as strong as either. trevor's highs are just as sharp as ever, but his lows become more ranged, sounding almost jfac-ish on "death panorama" but still great. all in all, give it a few listens through before you judge it (as you should with any cd), and dont be shallow, just cuz a song doesnt knock your ass on the floor doesnt mean you cant enjoy it.
    This CD is awesome... Necropolis is as good, if not better than what a horrible night to have a curse (which WAS my favorite bdm song). This definitely makes up for here waits thy doom (3iob). i love them but their new cd had only 3 good songs vs the other cds which were amazing. bdm just completely made me forget how crappy it was. cant wait for the great misdirect either
    Reviewer focused too much on lyrics, I think. Gonna check this album out later tonight.
    i love ryan knight. mostly because hes not john K, but also because you can tell he works with the band much better. shannon is even more of a beast, trevor's vocals are as brutal as always, bart is the perfect machine of a bassist, and the guitar work has defnitely improved a hundred fold. finally brian has someone to work with, and ryan's solos are fast and punishing and just skillful. 9/10.
    i'm waiting for my preorder to arrive. should be here today actually.. but i dl'd the album when it leaked and it is def worth more praise that people are giving it. they're all just used to the harmonic minor solos that TBDM is known for, but if you ask me Ryan Knights solos fit so much better. you just have to listen to it more.
    awful review. will probably pick up the album regardless. tbdm is one of the few bands with a scene following that is worth listening to.
    very good album although not as good as any of their previous albums imo. black valor and i will return are the best songs on this album by far
    and btw if you want a solo to top the one from nocturnal then how about the one in i will return?
    i love this album. i believe the best songs on this album are denounced, disgraced, i will return, necropolis this is a must buy for any bdm fan... ****ing fantastic!
    Unhallowd and Miasma will always be my favorite albums by BDM but this album adds a new feel with the new guitarist, and the track "I Will Return" is more epic then usual on a black dahlia track, solid album overall!