Nocturnal review by The Black Dahlia Murder

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  • Released: Sep 18, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (127 votes)
The Black Dahlia Murder: Nocturnal

Sound — 10
The Black Dahlia Murder's new greatly anticipated album Nocturnal comes out and what do I think of it? It is the greatest thing since their first album. This album was great! Fors starters the sound on this album differs from the one on the other two. The production is clean yet it has a more evil feel like Unhallowed. Guitar wise though, the band's guitarists Brian Eschback and John Kempainen keep their signature harmonic two guitar attack. Yet the riffs do not feel as repetative on this album. The riffs switch up between fast palm-muted riffs with fills to harmonic alternative picking. Other things that stand out are Bart Williams creative bass work and new drummer Shannon Lucas's drumming. Although I like the drumming on this album I like drums on Miasma better. The drums on this album were not that creative. Trevor Strand keeps up with his low growl and high pitch sream he is known for. On this album though his screams are higher and his growls are even lower. The songs on this album have a more mature well thought out feel. The band have become more accomplished song writes and it shows. The experience of writing the two other albums and being on the road have made the band better and stronger than before.

Lyrics — 10
I love the way Trevor writes. People complain about how metal has the same set of subjects to write about, but Trevor takes a clichd subject such as zombies and he turns it into something having a romantic poetic feel. The lyrics on this album range from said things as zombies to necromanticism to armageddon. All is written with the great hand of Trevor and it turns out to be something awesome!

Overall Impression — 10
Overall impression this album is great. I could not have asked for something better. I applaud The Black Dahlia Murder for their awesome triumph in writing this album. If you liked Unhallowed and Miasma or only one of the two then go purchase this album!

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    This is album is a step or two higher for TBDM. Its just amazing. I mean if your into monotone deathmetal vocals same pitch the entire time this isnt the album for you.
    a good album overall, but it is kinda more of the same. now that they have mastered their sound i hope on their next album it evolves
    This album is sick, a hell of a lot better miasma. I'm glad they started playing more technical stuff again like on unhallowed and finally got a good drummer.
    xguffx wrote: This album is sick, a hell of a lot better miasma. I'm glad they started playing more technical stuff again like on unhallowed and finally got a good drummer.
    technical stuff? please point me in the right direction
    NosferatuZodd09 wrote: hm the 7.7 review... hm... except the fact this cd has no break downs, the tremolo is used in a more atmospheric way, but iguess its a valid opinion... i agree though Miasma was really different, i dont think slaughter of the soul, ever, with this cd though, that comparison is too far fetched, not the vocals either... i think this album just has a really different feel, and less pointless pedal riffs like unhallowed had... it just doesnt have that metalcore vibe
    thanks much for the feedback, i really appreciate it. i think the reason it lost the metalcore vibe you mentioned is because the guitar work is much less monotonous, and it even has to do with the timing that this cd came out at. when unhallowed dropped, it seemed like the scene was flooded with crap metalcore bands, and bdm had to approach that fanbase. nowadays 'metal' is the hot thing, therefore bdm could really express themselves more freely. as far as my slaughter of soul comparison goes, i cannot extinguish the obvious copycat stuff from unhallowed, and nocturnal really reminds me of it, so i apologize if i sound like a fool
    dunno, analyze all the tabs there are to both albums to get a more in depth view at the music... the riff structures are very different and SotS hardly uses tremolo picking -say, after solo of Nausea, the intro to Under a Serpent Sun and maybe the chorus to Slaughter of the Soul... maybe a fill in Need... but thats all really lol...- I can see how uh Nocturnal can be compared to Unhallowed but uh... the melody patterns in Nocturnal are more ever changing... where as in Unhallowed they repeated the melody note 2-3 times whereas in Nocturnal it changes more... In nocturnal some songs also have that black metal vibe -To a Breathless Oblivion and Nocturnal- Also for the technical thing... songs like say Everything Went Black feature riffing that does not only change the melody note constantly but also the bass note (refer to tabs if needbe, compare both albums) What I think gives unhallowed the metalcore feel is the chords used and the melodic intervals, which alot of the time are more upbeat whereas Nocturnal (and Miasma) are just much darker sounding. However I still think its a bit too far to say this is just unhallowed with new riffs... the rhythmic structure is quite changed as well...
    Best album of the year so far. Only track that doesnt really stand out is virally yours, the rest are AWESOME.
    Squall123 wrote: Best album of the year so far. Only track that doesnt really stand out is virally yours, the rest are AWESOME.
    i deff. agree. shannon said virally yours was the first track finshed, so maybe they werent relly feelin it or w/e. sick album tho, one of my favorites.
    One of the best melodeath albums released in recent times. This band and The Absence might as well rule the melodeath scene right now. This is the album when they finally ditched every hint of core they used to have. Almost none of the riffs pedal around the open C note. I'm glad they finally ditched Krank amps too. They used Eggnater's and Mesa's on this album and it obviously worked out very well for them!