Unhallowed review by The Black Dahlia Murder

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  • Released: Jun 17, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (46 votes)
The Black Dahlia Murder: Unhallowed

Sound — 10
I first got into the band because I found out they live in Waterford, Michigan, About 5 minutes away from me. I heard them and was instantly addicted to the perfectely harmonized guitar and thrashing vocals. The way Trevor Strnad was overdubbed to sound like two lead singers was brillantly done. It switches between a high black metal screech and a hard-nose growl. The structure of the songs are too much for words, simply amazing. BDM is the most melodic, and one of the hardest, metal bands out there. BDM is proof that you can be melodic and still have blast beats that will rip your limbs off. I respect the fact that BDM dosent use those cliche, open chord breakdowns, it dosent fit into the kind of music they create. they only use breakdowns that fit, and not the kind As Blood Runs Black uses (Although ABRB is a decent band).

Lyrics — 7
I am personally not a huge fan of the way Trevor writes on this album. I personally like Miasma-type lyrics, they have to do with reality, things that we can relate to. Although this is overall a better album than Miasma. Though the lyrics are cohesive with the instrumentals, it's just personally not my style.

Overall Impression — 10
My favorite songs on this album are really all of them. Unhallowed is a brillant intro, which leads into funreal thirst. And when you hear that wicked blast beat in the beginning of funreal thirst, you know this is no 'run of the mill' metalcore band, this is a true death metal band. This is a must-have for all death metal fans.

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    a7xfretshredder wrote: I saw these guys along with Into The Moat, BTBAM, and Cephalic Carnage last October and must I say it was nothing short of Amazing!!!!
    Dude, you listen to great bands (BTBAM is in my top 5), it's time for a name change. Plus that tour you are talking about, one of the shows is on Metal Injection; Episode 403
    themetaler had an especially good, unbaised, well-thought out review. Kudos to him and the other fine reviewers.
    why would someone review this Cd now? review and propmote their new one Nocturnal, it is Br00tal!!!
    brutal album. even more brutal new album. so why is this review currently on the main screen and not the new?
    hatchet130 wrote: well, Closed Casket Requiem is about real Black Dahlia Murder case.
    Yeah, he's right. He describes what was done to the women killed in the Black Dahlia Murder.