Found In The Flood review by The Bled

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  • Released: Aug 23, 2005
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (13 votes)
The Bled: Found In The Flood

Sound — 8
Found In The Flood sounds like an atomic explosion beneath the surface of the ocean. I envision a thick, blue mass of sound engulfing Japan, a warm thank you to the makers of Orange Amplifiers and to the Bled for opting to use them. With FITF, The Bled have progressed, most distinctively, in two areas. The first of these I'd like to address is the technical aspect of their music. In their first and previous release, "Pass The Flask," math and odd time signatures were evident now and again on a couple tracks. With their latest record, the mathy chaos that was struggling to surface has finally fully emerged from it's watery incubation. Secondly, the Bled have become better songwriters overall. The songs have a much more solid structure now. Simply put, they are more memorable, melodic, and more thouroughly thought out. This, along with their contract with Vagrant Records, should help to expand their fame. I instantly think of a show featuring The Bled with Poison the Well, Beloved adn Thrice. This fact, however, does in no manner detract from the somewhat dark, mathematical hardcore appeal that The Bled shares with bands such as The Dillinger Escape Plan and Mastadon.

Lyrics — 8
I was approached by a friend in regards to the lyrical content of this very disc. In frustration he related to me how he had read all the lyrics and was very dissatisfied, as he was unable to decipher any straightforward messages throughout. If you, like he, prefer to fully understand the lyrics immediately, you might be equally disgruntled. I prefer the intrigue of confusion. I'll usually end up developing my own interpretations which resultantly makes each song more personal. To me, this style of writing is more creative and intelligent. But to each their own. Anyway, the lyrics are good but not amazing, They're creative and odd but they're not quite to the mind-boggling level of The Mars Volta or The Blood Brothers. But yeah, they're good.

Overall Impression — 8
One of the defining factors for me while listening to FITF is that it is more of a concept album then Pass the Flask was. I love this. There is definitely a consistent theme and feel that weaves itself through the midst of the album, from the intro on. Once again, It isn't quite to the level of The Mars Volta or Mastadons epic masterpieces, not that it's worse, it's just not quite in the same category. Each song seems to have topic unique unto itself, rather than telling a story. Nevertheless, the record is large and epic. It is, as a whole, an accomplishment well worthy of my $15.

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