Found In The Flood review by The Bled

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  • Released: Aug 23, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (13 votes)
The Bled: Found In The Flood

Sound — 10
After their amazing debut album Pass The Flask, expectations were high for the follow-up. Found In The Flood not only meets the bar that Pass The Flask set, but shatters it. All of the band members have improved. The guitar riffs are fantastic, and vary in styles and heaviness all around. They range from the heavy, pitch-jumping riffs in songs like Last American Cowboy to arpeggiated, ambient melodies like those in Antarctica. The drummer is amazingly creative and versatile; his percussion never fails to suit the mood, from the galloping crunch of I Don't Keep With Liars Anymore to the clacking drumsticks in My Assassin. Mike, the bassist on Pass The Flask left, but his replacement Darren doesn't fail to impress. In fact, I think that he's one of the more creative bassists in hardcore music right now. Listen to the sliding bassline in the chorus of Antarctica and the bass solo in Millionaires, just to name a few. Honestly, every single track has at least one sweet bass moment - he isn't some no-talent goon trying to mimic the rhythm guitar.

Lyrics — 10
Not unlike the other sections of the band, the vocals are astounding. Like with Pass The Flask, singer James Munoz manages to create an epic within each song. The lyrics of the Flood manage to paint a picture in the listener's mind and make you feel emotion, yet they are obscure in true meaning. Although many of the lyrics are bizarre and obscure, James isn't afraid to incorporate simple lines that nonetheless convey powerful anger ("Now, say it like your life depends on believing in your own lie"). It seems odd, but I find the lyrical style reminiscent of At The Drive-In, with a much darker approach. In terms of actual singing skill, James is above par of almost any hardcore vocalist. His screams are bloodcurdling at times, yet he manages to move with ease from such a state to singing that appears to be in a human's range. His voice fluxuates constantly in style however, which contributes to the constant excitement of the album. I think some of his best moments on the album are the roaring vocals in Hotel Coral Essex, and the a capella break in I Don't Keep With Liars.

Overall Impression — 10
I find Found In The Flood almost indescribable in terms of style. The Bled are incomprable to any other artist. They are undeniably hardcore, but they span so far from the constant D5 chords and relentless bass drums found in most of hardcore, incorporating elements of metal, as well as some slower, arpeggiated melodies. You really have to listen to understand it. I guarantee, you won't be disappointed. I honestly love every song from this album. At first I found the heavier sonds, Guttershark, She Calls Home, and millionaires to be lackluster, but they quickly grew on me. I think that the best tracks are Hotel Coral Essex, My Assassin, Antarctica, and I Don't Keep With Liars Anymore. My favorite moments overall are the guitar solo at the end of My Assassin, the chorus bassline in Daylight Bombings, the brief yet powerful bass solo in Millionaires, and the break in I Don't Keep With Liars. I love almost every moment of the album. The only unsatisfactory element was the 30 minute ending of I Don't Keep With Liars, composed of the same 6 note melody repeating over and over. If I lost Found in the Flood, I would buy it again, even though I have it ripped to my computer. I see it as a landmark in hardcore music - it's nothing short of amazing.

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    i'm really hoping they dont puss out with their sound in the next album.. now that theyre on vagrant, in which FATA fell apart, to me anyway. the bled is my favorite band of all time next to dillinger right here. The bled's lyrics are amazing. so cryptic and poetic. munoz is a ****ing genius. this band is the ****ing greatest. SOMEONE SHOULD REVIEW PASS THE FLASK AND THEIR AMBULANCE ROMANCE EP!!!