Fetish review by The Boy Will Drown

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  • Released: Jun 16, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.7 (9 votes)
The Boy Will Drown: Fetish

Sound — 9
The Boy Will Drown are a 4-piece band from the UK. They're pretty hard to classify in terms of a genre, they blend elements of death metal, mathcore, jazz, the list could go on. The band are clearly influenced by such bands as Dillinger Escape Plan, See You Next Tuesday, Necrophagist, Brain Drill and Misery Index. I'm not a huge fan of this type of music (although I am a huge fan of Dillinger), however I paid an interest in this band after (no suprise here) I'd heard a buzz about them on Myspace. The first song I had listened to was Deep Throat (later included as the opening track on the album) and I was blown away by the sheer technicality of the music. This band is a rare proof that not everyone has to follow the same generic sound we all hear in this particular scene nowadays. I must admit that I wrote this review purley because I was looking at reviews for this album online and found some reviews that bashed the hell out of the album, labelling it as "This is how to fail" etc etc. The music may not be everyone's cup of tea but surely to have to respect the pure talent and technically the band displays on Fetish. The album consists of 10 tracks (limited edition contains 11 with the bonus track); 01.Deep Throat 02.Irminsul 03.Josef Fritzl 04.Apollo's Lyre 05.Dead Girls 06.Dance Like An Epileptic 07.Barrymore's Pool Party 08.Akura-Class 09.Elisabeth Fritzl 10.Suis La Luna Limited edition bonus track: 11.The Art Of Partying (Municipal Waste cover version) The album clocks in at over 28 minutes which, in terms of an album, is relatively short but just about right. Every song pretty much contains something thats completely out of the blue in terms of what little structure the songs have, such as a jazz break. The album starts off strong, with Deep Throat setting the tone for your listen with fretboard - bashing guitar + basswork and harsh yet powerful vocals. It's a quick and technical song which breaks in the middle and completely changes into a melodic, structured song with quick double bass coupling the aggressive yet seemingly soft guitar and bass and the song ends with ther usual signature TBWD insanity. This seems to be pretty much the deal with every song on the album however, which could be either the band's downfall or success, depending on the listener's preferences. The album get's quite interesting in terms of song lengths, with the shortest song length being 32 seconds (album filler, maybe?). My personal favourite of this album is Dead Girls, which I haden't heard before I picked the album up, although it was on the EP. It starts aggressive as per usual, with breakdowns and scales filling the first half of the song. It's the second half of this song where TBWD's true potential of songwriting seems to be unleashed, with a melodic, emotional and seemingly beautiful piece of music being heard, with the almost inaudible lyrics in the vocals in most songs actually shine through in this and everything fits perfectly. Their cover version of Municipal Waste's "The Art Of Partying" is a really fun way to end an album (if you have the limited edition of course) with the cover being really well written.

Lyrics — 6
The problem I have with singers of this calibre is that I cannot understand any of the lyrics as they're mostly inaudible, however all of the vocal lines are powerful and aggressive, a generic trait in this style of music but Tom still does this very well. From what I can make out of the lyrics, the ending of Dead Girls is the only place where I can make out a part of the lyric, which is "Don't wake me up from this dream I have where I always stand here... " which, in my opinion, is a great line to sing over the melodic powerfulness of the ending of the song. Overall, Tom does pull off the low vocals and high screams very well, which, for this genre, you can't really fault him on most of the lyrics being inaudible.

Overall Impression — 8
This album is definately a must have for all fans of bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Beneath the Massacre and Misery Index. The blend of different genres packed into one album is stunning and really well worked and pulled off by TBWD. However, the album could be like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. There are pro's and con's for the album as there is with any album, but from my perspective there are mostly pro's. The songs that I was most impressed by on the album are Dead Girls, Deep Throat and Apollo's Lyre. The endless amounts of riffery, madness, technicality and fast paced rhythms I absolutely love about this album, in fact there is not much bad I can say about this album. The only thing I could think of saying against this album is the song's may get repetitive after a few tentative listens, and that's the only reason I haven't gave a 10 out of 10 review. Fetish is surely only a taster of what TBWD have to offer in the future, and if the talent present is anything to go by, these boys are definately a band to watch for the future.

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    Nice review of a very solid album. Also i'm a huge fan of The Waste so the bonus track is pretty much the best thing ever!!
    Dont Wake Me Up, From This Dream I Have, Where I Always Stand Here... Waiting In The Rain Fantastic Album, Amazing Band, And Theyre All Such Party Boys! Check Them Out On The Masters Of Metal Tour With A Few Other Amazing Bands!