Begins Here review by The Butterfly Effect

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  • Released: Jan 11, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (16 votes)
The Butterfly Effect: Begins Here

Sound — 10
"Begins Here" the debut album for Australian hard rockers The Butterfly Effect was released on 4th August, 2003 and came in at No.23 on the national ARIA chart was qick to turn heads it has already sold over 15,000 units. The Album features thirteen tracks which show a band finding their own sound, yet still showing the intense power of the vocals, huge guitar riffs and tight rhythm section. Begins Here was mixed by Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne) @ Westlake Audio in West Hollywood. From a great set of ears to a great set of lungs. Begins Here also sees the emotion and power in Singer, Clint Boge's vocals present.

Lyrics — 10
Begins Here starts with the adrenaline-pumping song Perception Twin. The first vocals we hear from Clint are "Push me over the edges..." Right from there, we can see that Begins Here will indeed push you over the edges, especially if you loved their previous music. The lyrics "I am your twin" may make some people laugh, but it has deep symbolic value with the whole idea of a Perception Twin. This song is followed by a song by the name of Consequence. The songs title gives away what the song is about: the consequences of your actions. When playing this song live, Clint sings with pure emotion, as it seems that this song is most significant to him from the Begins Here album. After these 2 songs to get our blood pumping, we're hit with The Butterfly Effect's radio song, One Second of Insanity. This 2:22 song has flipped some Butterfly Effect fans, but has encouraged plenty of new ones. In 2 minutes and 22 seconds, they manage to blow your mind apart and make you think about all of life's traumas. The strongest lyrics of the song in my opinion are "Pressure tested to break, what choice will you make, One Second or Infinity?" This emphasizes how your life can change from one choice which you make in one second, and has a very strong endeavour of truth behind it. After the infamous One Second of Insanity, we're hit with a Butterfly Effect classic, Crave. When you crave a song like Crave, your mind is basically taken to another world as the song is perfectly crafted in all its brilliance. If you're struck for cash but want a sample of The Butterfly Effect, pick up their Crave single with the song "Saved" on track 2. It's a slightly different version of Crave compared to what's on the album, but the average person won't notice the difference. Beautiful Mine is possibly the choice song amongst members of the official TBE forums. With its malleable start and its superb guitar antics, Beautiful Mine is definitely up there for the best song on the album. After this song, we're hit with an interlude. Interludes aren't common in today's music, but it only goes for 1:24 and sounds spectacular so who's complaining? It soon leads in to one of my favourite songs on the album, Filling Silence. This song redefines emptiness. Without silence there would be no peace, so by filling the silence, we are concluding a war and once again returning to solitude. I'm not talking about a mass war; I'm talking about the ever-lasting war in your mind. The best lyrics in this song to show off its emptiness are "Drifting inside, Closing my eyes, Till the pain died, I've given in to you" Finally we reach my favourite song on the album. Always still sends shivers down my spine when I put it on, and I must have listened to it at least 100 times by now. If you travel to The Butterfly Effect's official forums, you'll see below every one of my posts the first words of Always, "I can feel you... against my skin, I feel you..." Possibly the most seductive lyrics I've ever heard, luring me in to listening to the song over, and over again. When You soon discover that some songs have hidden meanings. The average person could never find a true meaning behind a Butterfly Effect song, and this is pretty evident on Begins Here. Always is evidently about losing somebody that you need. "This sadness forced to feel, like poison I'll never heal" is a fairly solid indication of this. After this track, the album slows down a great deal. I'm not saying that the last 3 songs on this album aren't as good as the rest of them, but they're definitely more relaxing. Without Wings does get heavy for a little bit, but then returns to its calm state very quickly with some high pitched vocals thanks to Clint, then finalizing with a nice heavy tune again before breaking in to Overwhelmed. Being the shortest song on the album (minus the radio song of course), Overwhelmed will come and go before you realise it. It's only when you put it on repeat that you hear its true beauty. A very classy finish by Kurt running down the strings on his guitar without touching anything with his left hand! Nobody really truly knows what A.D. is all about, except for the band of course. A.D. is more like a bible passage than a song, which is most likely how it got its name. A.D. standing for Anno Domini which in Latin means "In the Year of Our Lord" strikes a different meaning to the song, but this can't be gone into in a review of the album itself. What better way to finish an album called Begins Here with a song called A.D.

Overall Impression — 10
The hype has been building. Emerging late in 2001 when their track The Cell received consistent airplay on Australias Triple J, quite remarkable considering its length and the amount of twists and turns it took, Brisbane's The Butterfly Effect have been backing up their strong recorded material with constant appearances on the live front. Musically, the band are superb! They have played over 200 gigs in Australia and know each other well. They are a true live band, fronted by a master singer. If you like Tool, Deftones and/or Faith No More, take a chance on this band, you will enjoy their style. This album is going to surprise a lot of people, The Butterfly Effect take you away into their world. With their varied rhythm sections. It's also satisfying to know that these boys can carry there huge, tight sound that makes this alum so brilliant to the live stage! In a sentence these guys go off! Pure emotion, pure love for their fans. Let your journey begin here!

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