Whisper War review by The Cab

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  • Released: Apr 29, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.4 (28 votes)
The Cab: Whisper War

Sound — 10
The Cab mixes pop-rock style guitars with piano to make a nice sound. The piano really adds to the music. I like every song on this CD almost equally, even though some vary in genres, from the Pop-Rock radio-friendly "Bounce" and "One of THOSE Nights" to the acoustic songs "Vegas Skies" and "High Hopes In Velvet Ropes".

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics on Whisper War are GREAT. Some of my favorite lines are "Your mouth it moves, but fails to speak/And when you use your lips, they better be on me," "It's only a crime if I get caught," and "Singing myself to sleep (Whoa-oa-oa)/And you're still my favorite melody". Alex DeLeon (lead vocals) has an amazing voice, and it really shows in "Bounce," "Can You Keep A Secret," and "One of THOSE Nights". "One of THOSE Nights" has guest vocals from Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco, who sings the bridge, and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, who sings the chorus over an acoustic interlude. The backup vocals add a lot to the songs. In "High Hopes In Velvet Ropes," the whole song has a lot of backup vocals that perfectly complement DeLeon's voice, and in my opinion, make the song VERY catchy.

Overall Impression — 10
I think that Whisper War is hard to compare to other albums because it is so unique. Compared to Panic at the Disco's recent album, "Pretty. Odd.," I believe it is better, and catchier. I love everything about it, and there is nothing I dislike. If it were stolen or lost, I would definitely go buy it again! The best songs from the album are "ZZZZZ," "High Hopes In Velvet Ropes," and "I'm A Wonder". I recommend this album to everyone, and I also hope that it gets the radio airplay it deserves, because it is really good, but no one has heard of it yet. I've been a fan of The Cab ever since they posted "Whisper Something Fragile" on their myspace. That song is from the Glitz and Glamour EP, which is no longer made or sold. I recommend that too, if you can find it.

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    Alex Gaskarth's vocal "abilities" gets annoying after a while. I have seen All Time Low live, and he sounds like a pre-pubescent girl. DeLeon, live is fantastic. And unlike All Time Low, I can listen to The Cab's songs repeatedly and not get a mind-shattering headache. Props to Alex Marshall on piano, too.