Dark Nature review by The Cake Is A Lie

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  • Released: Jul 31, 2013
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 5.3 (6 votes)
The Cake Is A Lie: Dark Nature

Sound — 7
The singer of this band has no real cool attributes that add to the deathcore sound, it actually sounds like rehashed early Veil of Maya combined with Born of Osiris and As Blood Runs Black, bit their respective really good clean parts, which sounds like like early Fall Out Boy. However, past from the standard growled vocals, the guitars make up for it, I mean, the melodies and hooks they play in their actually remind me of early In Flames with some early Veil of Maya thrown in. The drum work is about the same, except for some jazz lines thrown in, which does add some diversity. The Cake Is A Lie has thrown in some really amazing guitar work, but the vocal and drum work is kind of dull, except for a really good clean vocal part, and a couple jazz hooks in the drums.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics were absolutely once again classic deathcore angst, just typical political, relationship, and sadness lyrical themes, nothing new or particularly good stuff. The lyrics however shined in the limelight when it came time to many of rhe guitar melodies, which add to the drama that's going on this album already, I mean it's almost like a pun almost with how well the guitars work in unison with the lyrics. Like I said before, the singer is just a typical deathcore singer, but the vocals in a way work well with to the lyrics, it just sticks very well, very epic I would say.

Overall Impression — 9
"Dark Nature" does certainly match the sound of earlier As Blood Runs Black and Veil of Maya, many of the tracks including "Ode to the Chuggernaught," have some very slightly noticeable similarities with early Veil of Maya guitar and vocal wise. Some songs I would like to mention are "Harlot," "Ode To the Chuggernaught," and "My Kingdom, My Rules" just due to the absolutely fantastic guitar work in these songs, the guitarist has a true eye for music, he's just a prodigy! This EP is one of the few deathcore releases that wasn't just breakdowns the entire process, it was actually technical melodic music. Since I got this EP free online on the Total Deathcore bandcamp, if anything happened to this EP on my computer, I would find and reinstall as soon as possible, I just adore the album for its amazing guitar work!

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    "This EP is one of the few deathcore releases that wasn't just breakdowns the entire process, it was actually technical melodic music." Aaaah the ignorance...
    I just listened to the whole thing on the bandcamp site. Yeah I give this album a solid 3. Very repetitive and horribly unoriginal sounding. The Veil of Maya references a very off base, and if someone includes a fallout boy comparison in a deathcore review that should tell you something. There are WAY better deathcore acts out there, calling this band "minor league" would be a compliment.
    It looks like they have changed their name and sound a lot. This was an EP release from South Africa so I would give them a little more credit. Go have a look.
    I know this EP is great, I actually listened to the entire thing. It isn't my problem my references make you freak out, but by not accepting it, you acknowledge they sound like Veil of Maya , so yeah.
    Please explain how saying it doesn't sound like something is acknowledging that it does? The part I disagree about the Veil of Maya reference is that there is no technical aspect to this album. Veil is a technical band using an array of sounds in their music. All I heard when I listened was open string chugging and some notes thrown in as filler. Again very dull and unoriginal.