Long Gone Before Daylight review by The Cardigans

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  • Released: Apr 15, 2003
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.4 (12 votes)
The Cardigans: Long Gone Before Daylight

Overall Impression — 10
The Cardigans are a band I've always liked, but have never really been able to really love. Sure Nina Persson's voice is as easy to listen to as she is to look at, but ultimately there always seems to be something missing. They've produced some fantastic singles over their time but never have they created an album I've found myself being able to delve into repeatedly. They haven't done it this time either, but it's the closest they've come. Long Gone Before Daylight is a beautiful album, but that's almost the problem. At times it's almost too much. Take 'You're the Storm' for example, which is undeniably gorgeous but the chorus is almost too cute, too sweet. It's like something you'd expect the S Club Juniors to release at Christmas. 'A Good Horse' is ok, but suggests that songwriter Peter still listens to his Bon Jovi albums too much, and 'Feathers and Down' is nice, but doesn't seem to go anywhere or do anything. It's just, well, nice! When they get it right though, they can work wonders. 'And Then You Kissed Me' just may be the shining jewel on this album, country tinged opener 'Communication' is as good as anything we've heard from them so far, and single 'For What It's Worth' is their best release since 'Love Fool' - it's that gorgeous. All in all we've got another good Cardigans album that once again seems to let itself down by trying too hard. It's their best so far, but a greatest hits may just get rid of the chaff and prove to be the album we've all been waiting for. Start compiling.

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