The Casanovas review by The Casanovas

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.3 (3 votes)
The Casanovas: The Casanovas

Sound — 9
New (2005) Australian rock at its finest, period. The Casanovas channel their influences in this album and with their sound create their own rock voicing. You can easily hear the touch of AC/DC in the rythym guitar work and screaming vocals. The Casanovas stick to a simple philosophy: good beat, good licks, great rythym, and screamin' vocals. I think this is truly raw rock n' roll at its finest. Although this is a raw band, the album is produced very well unlike many artists debuts. Years ago when I, and the rest of the world, was getting into Jet from their CD 'Get Born' I was on Amazon and it said if you like Jet you may like this. Thank you Amazon, I listened to the preview of the songs and knew that I had to get this album. It is fun, it is dancey, and you can still rock out to it. While Jet was reaching critical acclaim and international success the boys of The Casanovas were back home in native Australia still playing the clubs, pubs, and dives. That is where this sound comes from. This is nothing like Jet, this is all rock n' roll. No slow acoustic songs, this is pedal to the metal, loud, and in your face! The opitimy of my rock n' roll sound involves two things, a Gibson and Marshall. Regardless of the gear they actually used on the recording that sound is here and present throughout the entire album. The sound is not overly produced, it is double tracked during solo's as this is a 3-piece band, but on here you will not find delay, echo, flangers, phasers, etc. At most you will get a wah. As I said they stick to the process of AC/DC. Guitar + Amp!

Lyrics — 7
Being a guitarist I usually do not listen to the lyrics, at all. I generally focus and hone in on what the guitars and rythym section are doing, but luckily the singers have a clear voice on each and every song. In my humble opinion, the lyrics do not hold up to the music but at the same time they compliment the feeling here. You can tell these are young guys (early 20's), they wrote some of these songs in their early years. If we break down rock n' roll we find the three main ingredients are sex, drugs, and rock n' roll itself. Well...pretty much every song consists of that. Love, lust, rocking out, hating your job, drugs, you name it, they have it in here. The singers compliment one another extremely well, and there is almost that gutteral Bon Scott type of screams in here, just a little more refined. There really aren't any crazy melodies for the vocal lines but as stated, it follows along with the rest of the album and the lyrics do not feel out of place.

Overall Impression — 9
Once I picked up this album I said goodbye to Jet. I was and still am a huge fan of 'Get Born' but since that release Jet have strayed in a much different direction (no they aren't sellouts they are just doing something different) which I am not a fan of. Meanwhile The Casanovas in their short lived original lineup released two full length albums (Self-Titled & All Night Long) with the same sound, the same power, and the same rawness. One of the things that I think is truly important for a successful band/musician is the swagger they have. The ego. The Casanovas have that and you can hear it. Some of their standouts on this album: Livin' In The City - opening track, sets a great vibe for the album. Favorite lyric from the song: "I tried some cocaiine, I called some ladies." Heartbeat - Notably their catchiest song to date, poppy, dancey but still rocky. No Time for Love - this is their ego song, talking about the sex aspect of rock n' roll. Bluesy progression, great opening riff. Towards the end of the song you can definitely picture yourself clapping along to the song at a live show. Shake It - my favorite song on this album, fast paced, straight blues progression but not played like blues at all. Screamin' vocals on this, great solo. Runnin' So Late - Favorite riff on the album 10 outta 10 - Second favorite song on this ablum. About going to school and being a good lad. Once again, AC/DC esque, simple riffs, good beat, keeps the people moving. Singing about themselves in the song, there is that ever important ego again. Great way to end out a teriffic album. If you want something new to listen to, but something familiar pick this up and enjoy.

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