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artist: The Chariot date: 02/11/2009 category: compact discs
The Chariot: The Fiancee
Release Date: Apr 3, 2007
Label: Tooth & Nail
Genres: Alternative Metal, Alternative CCM, Post-Hardcore
Number Of Tracks: 10
The Chariot's sophomore LP is one of the most anticipated hardcore albums of the year.
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 8.7
The Fiancee Reviewed by: Triple_Threat, on april 06, 2007
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Sound: The Chariot's sophomore LP is one of the most anticipated hardcore albums of the year. Having already cemented his place in hardcore music thanks to his work on former band Norma Jean's first album, Josh Scogin brings experience and an extremely loyal fanbase with him. Frontman Josh Scogin is quoted as saying that this album "will definitely define who The Chariot is", after listening to the album a few times, I'm not so sure that's a good thing. With 10 tracks racking up a whopping 29 and a half minutes of play time there is a bit to be desired in actual content. The sound of the band remains in the hardcore vein but is almost completely lacking breakdowns. Not that that's bad, but there's nothing terribly interesting that breaks up the tempo of the songs. The guitar parts are predictable and there's not much from the instruments that catches your ear. The fact that The Chariot has undergone several line-up changes have something to do with this, which is a shame considering the potential of the band. Hopefully once they nail down a good group they'll start making more music. A few of the songs have atmospheric effects and noises that add a spooky feel, these noise tracks are also used in their live shows pretty successfully, if you've ever seen The Chariot you know what I'm talking about. The Chariot continue to do their own thing, staying away from the mainstream and making intense, deep music. But if you're expecting groundbreaking hardcore here (or A Return To Bless The Martyr) you might be dissapointed. // 7

Lyrics: If I could give the lyrics a higher rating I would do it. Just a 10 doesn't do near enough justice to the vocals and lyrics on this album. From start to finish the album has hard hitting, clever (even the tracklist is a poem), and insightful lyrics all backed up by what I truly believe is the best voice in metal. Where the band fails in capturing the listener with innovative guitar work, they more than compensate with an intensity that you can't ignore. Scogin provides the main vocals and all the lyrics, and carries the band with a charisma that no other vocalist I know can. Paramore's lead singer has a cameo on "Then Came To Kill" that adds a very interesting dynamic to the whole album. The lyrics deal mainly with hypocrisy in the world and is a welcome change from typical "hardcore" lyrics. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is really a different kind of animal, but that is something you can always expect from Scogin and co. Words really can't describe the power that Scogin brings to the mic. Hearing him on this album alone is well worth the price of admission. The best technical song is "Then Came To Kill" and the one you'll most want to bang your head to is "Forgive Me Nashville". I'm giving this album a 9 because I definitely think that The Chariot is not finished defining their sound, and that there is more to come from the group, but seriously, if you've never heard Josh Scogin on the mic before, you need to hear this album, or better yet, go to one of their shows. // 9

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overall: 8
The Fiancee Reviewed by: GodsGood8812, on may 28, 2007
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Sound: The Chariot is one of the best hardcore bands out there. A lot of people compare them to Norma Jean because the chariot's frontman used to be in Norma Jean. Well, the only Norma Jean I would ever listen to are the stuff with the now Chariot frontman. The Fiancee is the Chariot's best release out there. I also like the fact that the track names make a huge oxymoron. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are just too darn good. They have everything lyrics should have. Humor, Spirital meaning, and just about things in life. He also combines humor aand Spirital meaning when he writes,"Churches Got Nuns, Cowboys Got Guns, and everyone's waiting to die". The screamer is very good and you can hear his skills on "And Shot Each Other" were he screams for ten seconds. Also a choir is brought in on "And Shot Each Other" and "The Trumpet" It's very random, but that's really what the Chariot is about aside from God. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, this album is good. I wouldn't compare it to Underoath's, "Define the Great Line", but I will say it beats anything by Norma Jean or As Cities Burn. I already have it burned on my computer, so I wouldn't buy it again if it were stolen. // 7

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overall: 9.7
The Fiancee Reviewed by: large_slug, on november 29, 2007
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Sound: OK, to start off this review I would like to say, The Chariot rocks. On this album it seemed that they really pulled it together. Their first album was good but it consisted mostly of random freakouts. In The Fiancee, there were fewer freakouts but they substituted the missing ones with some freakin' awesome riffs. The CD starts off with the beast of a song, "Back to Back". Oh, before I forget, I think that The Chariot are like so awesome 1. because their music kicks huge butts and 2. their song names. The songs in this CD are like a freakin' story! Who thinks of that? So anyway "Back to Back" is a beast song but it is too short. I love this album because of the wonderful Josh Scogin. His screaming is liek the screaming of angels. Two songs on this album ("And Shot Each Other" and "Forgive Me Nashville") have probably some of the best screams ever recorded ("And Shot Each Other"'s is the best though. When you hear the song you'll know what scream I'm talking about). So yeah, there's the sound. Overall, their sound is a pimp. // 10

Lyrics: First of all, I'm not religious adn The Chariot is. The Fiancee is probably the most Christian-oriented album I've ever heard (I like As I Lay Dying too and their Christian references are a lot more subtle). One that stands out to me is 'the wrath of God is like an ocean to a child.' I have failed to understand what that means but it has God in it so there you go. My favorite lines in the album are 'have you fallen asleep with a dagger in your bones that was thoughtfully placed by your own wretched finesse?' (I don't know what a finesse is but oh well, that was from #9), 'chuches have nuns, cowbiys got guns and everyone's waiting to die' (a very happy line, that's from #1), 'if there's blood on the roots then there's blood on the branches' (I can't think of how their would be blood on the roots and branches unless two people were bleeding and one was in the tree and one was underground, anyway, that was from #5) and finally, 'and the conversation gets placed once again, underneath my brain, and up in front of my mouth, technology, well, she takes a walk and she's so proud' (I have no freakin' clue what that means but it makes me think everytime I hear that song which is also a beast song, that's from #6). My overall impression of the lyrics is that they are abstract and they refer to chatting with God. // 9

Overall Impression: The Fiancee is definately my favorite album that I own (besides Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Chili Peppers Greatest Hits, and AFI). The only song that I totally don't like at all is "The Trumpet" because it's like gospel and I don't get jazz so there you go. Put the pieces together. I freakin, love this album. If somebody stole it from me I would tackle them and have Harry Potter whip him with a wet noodle. My favorite songs on this album are Back To Back, And Shot Each Other, The Deaf Policeman, Heard This Noise, Forgive Me Nashville. In under 40 minutes, this CD is a beast with like 10 freakin' heads. Holy crap this took me like an hour to write. // 10

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overall: 8
The Fiancee Reviewed by: I am punk "BF", on february 11, 2009
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Sound: This album by the chariot is pretty good. Despite all of their songs sounding like a huge mess this band has really worked well on this album. The guitars are quite crazy, as is the vocal, drums, and everything else they add in on this album. The songs are fast and sound a little like grindcore and metalcore type music. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album were scattered, but cool. And by scattered I mean Very unique and each song has completely different lyrics then the song before it. So many bands writemany songs, but they are all following the same subject which is where guys write a song about the girls they like. This album is much different than that and it works great for them. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall I would give this album an 8 out of 10. It is a good album, but some of the songs sound similar to each other and do not stand out against each other, but either way it is still good. If I were to ever lose this CD I would definately replace it. This album is worth getting and listening to. // 8

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