The Chemistry review by The Chemistry

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  • Released: Mar 22, 2005
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 2.4 (27 votes)
The Chemistry: The Chemistry

Sound — 6
Being from Southern California, The Chemistry followed their country-fellows' path, playing punk-rock. Their self-titled debut album starts with energetic "From Within" with heavy rhythms and a guitar wall through the song, followed by galloping tracks like "Deja Vous" and sentimental ballads like "She Takes You." Slow and tearful piano-based "Last Impression" finishes the album in a very trite way. "Still Alive" is an attempt for a social song and a band-anthem at the same time. It was worth trying, but the lyrics don't really touch, being as old as the American freedom. The chorus is quite catchy though. There's a huge temptation to compare The Chemistry to other bands -- Green Day, MxPx, Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind (which is quite reasonable as the group's former guitarist Kevin Cadogan produced the album). The band borrows a little bit of everything from these bands, creating random punk-rock.

Lyrics — 5
"About You" is the perfect example of simple punk rock poetry. Apart from the results of being at the top of inspiration during the most romantic part of the relationship ("Now all I need is you" or "I'm dyeing to see you" and "I need you here"), there's a rhyme nugget -- "I think of you when I'm alone/I think of you when I'm afraid/I think of you everyday." What the hell is "afraid" doing here? My only guess -- the guys couldn't think of a better rhyme to "everyday." The band's vocalist Danny Mitchell pays more attention to the singing technique than to expressing the feelings. Thus the songs sound uninspired and you hardy pay attention to what he sings about.

Overall Impression — 6
The Chemistry suffers from the same disease as many punk-rock bands lately -- similarity of songs. You have to be huge lover of this genre to remember a couple of songs from the record after listening to it a number of times. All of the songs are close to each other by sound as though they were produced in one approach. The CD art is at least weird. Not only it doesn't reflect the music of The Chemistry, I don't even have a clue of what it might reflect... Some hands raised up might be for demonstration the protest of something? But there isn't a single song of protesting. Maybe the hands face the members of the band? But there are 4 pairs of hands and five guys... Ok, I'm lost...

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