Heaven On Speed Dial Review

artist: The Chinese Stars date: 10/13/2009 category: compact discs
The Chinese Stars: Heaven On Speed Dial
Released: Oct 13, 2009
Genre: Dance-Punk / Indie Rock
Label: Anchor Brain
Number Of Tracks: 9
Releasing their newest and by the far greatest CD Heaven On Speed Dial, this eccentric band is back with even more funk and dance beats.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
Heaven On Speed Dial Reviewed by: Guitarplaya27, on october 13, 2009
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Sound: It has been two years since The Chinese Stars have released new music, and the wait is finally over. Releasing their newest and by the far greatest CD Heaven On Speed Dial, this eccentric band is back with even more funk and dance beats. The album itself has primarily one similar style, that being the progressive/new-wave style influencing many bands of the new generation. The mainly upbeat album is driven by its various but simple repetitive beats. The album strikes me as an album great for dancing or just pounding through stereo systems. The quick tempo of Rabbit Face surely gets the adrenaline going and the heads banging at the very start of the album. The synthesizers on the album remind me oh so much of Mr. Bungl and The Dandy Warhols, both bands famous for their abstract uses of music. The guitars are filled with redundant bends and slides, very rarely sticking to the almost ancient chords. This can be seen easily in the song Lick It Clean, with a similar beginning to Rawwwrr! by Bring Me The Horizon. Probably the most impressive song seen with guitars is Slow Children, with sliding and winding guitars licks that drive listeners to the extent of an adrenaline rush. The impression the album left on me was that repetitive up-tempo beats really make people want to dance, and abstract guitars and synthesizers lead to some crazy music styles. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics seem sometimes random, speaking of ice cream and boys looking too thin. The lyrics seem to perfectly match the crazy sense of music showcased by this new album. Singer Eric Paul's skills are fairly good, but sometimes he gets too high pitched that he sounds really whiny, which can ruin a song. The song Lick It Clean kind of gets ruined with the high vocals. The sense of style definitely leans towards disturbing, which it certainly accomplished. The vocals overall remind me of Mike Patton of Mr. Bungle. Eric Paul seems to be a great vocalist, even with his high pitched nature. // 7

Overall Impression: Heaven On Speed Dial is a great buy, for any kind of music fan. It is simply a new dance album for party people, another fantastic album for the progressive genre, or a new experience for people who have never heard of this band before. The frequent synthesizers and eerie sounding music remind me of The Dandy Warhols. The guitars specifically remind me of rock band Ash, specifically Tim Wheeler, without the scratchy nonsense. The up-beat dance album is a must-have among music fans in the world. // 8

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