The Story of the Clash, Vol. 1 review by The Clash

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1988
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (8 votes)
The Clash: The Story of the Clash,  Vol. 1

Sound — 10
It is a very old CD set (2 discs). But a very good one. You can hear all the instruments. All played very well. The styles on the CD include everything: ska (White Man In Hammersmith Palias,etc.), rock (London Calling, Stay Free, etc.), punk (London's Burning, etc.), hip hop (The Magnificent Seven, etc.), and reagee(excuse me if I spell that wrong,..Bankrobber, Armigideon Time, etc.) Also for anyone who is interested, I will add a band lineup and rate each musician: -Joe Strummer (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars) 5 out of 5. A wonderful guitarist, singer and human being, God bless him RIP. -Mick Jones (Lead Guitars, Background and Lead Vocals on Lost In The Supermarket, Should I Stay Or Should I Go, and Stay Free) 5 out of 5. -Also a great musician. Mick is a wonderful singer and a key factor to the Clash's success. -Paul Simonon (Bass Guitar, and Writer and Lead Vocals in The Guns of Brixton) 5 out of 5. An insane bass player, The Guns of Brixton is the bomb! He should've written and sung more stuff! Did you know he was an artist before he joined the Clash? Plus, he didn't even know how to play bass. -Topper Headon (Drums) 3 out of 5. A pretty good drummer, but he kind of broke up the Clash.

Lyrics — 10
Great lyrics! As a sample, I will write the lyrics to Stright to Hell on here, but, this is not my work at all! This is the Clash's and may only be used as an example: If you can play a fiddle, hows about an British gin and reel? Speaking king's english in quotation as rail-head towns fell the steel mills rust. Water froze in the generation. Clear as winter ice, this is your paradise, there ain't no need for ya. There aint no need for ya. Go straight to hell boys. Go straight to hell boys. Wanna join in a chourus of the Amerasian blues? When it's Christmas out in Ho Chi Minh City, Kiddie say, "Papa papa papa papa papasan, take me home. See me got photo photo photograph of you and Mama Mama Mamasan of you and Mama Mama Mamasan." "Lemme tell ya 'bout your blood bamboo kid; it ain't Coca Cola, it's rice. Straight to hell boy. Straight to hell boy. Oh Papasan please take me home. Oh Papasan ev'rybody they wanna go home. So Mamasan says. You wanna play mind-crazed banjo on the druggy-drag rag-time U.S.A.? In Parkland International. Heh! Junkiedom U.S.A. Where procaine proves the purest rock man groove and rat poison, the voatile Molotov says. Straight to Hell. Can you cough it up loud and strong? The immagrants, they wanna sing all night long. It could be anywhere, most likely could be any frontier, any hemisphere, no mans land. And there ain't no asylum here. King Solomon, he never lived 'round here. Straight to Hell boy. Go straight to hell boy. Go straight to hell boys. Go straight to hell, boy. Oh Papasan, please take me home. Oh Papasan, ev'rybody, they wanna go home now. See how great that is. That took me a while. Straight to hell is one of the Clash's best lyrical songs. Joe Strummer is all punk, he has that kind of snotty gibberish voice, which fits really well with the music. Mick Jones is a very light singer, where unlike Joe, you can hear everything that comes out of you're mouth. Finally, on the Guns of Brixton, Paul Simonon sings much like Joe Strummer except he is a little clearer but has a lower and a little darker style voice.

Overall Impression — 10
The Clash was the second punk band on the scene after the Sex Pistols. Joe and Mick knew each other and kind off "found" Paul and Topper. Overall, in my opinion, they are much better than the Pistols and the Ramones. This is a full review of each of the songs on the CDs: (Disc 1): 1. The Magnificent Seven 4 1/2 out of 5: Good upbeat humorous hip hop opener. 2. Rock The Casbah 4/5: Good song about warfare. Sound FX and keyboards add to the songs overall effect. 3. This Is Radio Clash 3/5: A below average song for the Clash. Too many keyboard effects with added mindless jibber jabber. 4. Should I Stay Or Should I Go 4 1/2 out of 5: A timeless effort that everone should recognize. 5. Straight To Hell 5/5: Great, mellow song that focuses on the Vietnam War.(lyrics provided on lyric review) 6. Armagideon Time 3/5: Another below average ska beat. 7. Clampdown 4 1/2 out of 5: Great song that will get stuck in your head, escpecially the verses. 8. Train In Vain 4/5: Good song with excellent guitar. 9. The Guns Of Brixton 5/5: Bass. Bass. Bass. Just brilliant. 10. I Fought The Law 4/5: Not the Clash's song. A remke. But a pretty darn good one. 11. Somebody Got Murdered 3 1/2 out of 5: A depressing song about the streets of London. 12. Lost In The Supermarket 5/5: A+ Just wonerful in everyway. Bankrobber 4/5: Good ska song. (Disc 2) 1. White Man In Hammersmith Palais 5/5: What is palais? Another brilliant ska song. 2. London's Burning 5/5: Makes the Pistols look like the Dickies. 3. Janie Jones 5/5: Make the Pistols look like Sabbath. 4. Tommy Gun 4/5: Fast song about a gun. Anything else? 5. Complete Control 5/5: A Clash clash-ic. 6. Capital Radio One 4 1/2 out of 5: A good beat w/ a 3-min intro full of talking. 7. White Riot 3/5: Supposedly one of the Clash's anthems. Also one of Tony Hawk's. 8. Career Opportunities 5/5: My favorite chorus of all time. 9. Clash City Rockers 4 1/2 out of 5: Good chord progression. 10. Safe European Home 5/5: Fast good song. 11. Stay Free 5/5: My fav. 12. London Calling 5/5: A classic. the Clash's best. 13. Spanish Bombs 4/5: Pretty good spanish song. 14. English Civil War 4/5: Good. Police and Theives 4/5 Also good. I love these CDs. there is absolutely nothing bad about them. If they were gone I would pray for sanctuary. Worth every penny.

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    Well to be fair, Topper didn't really break up the Clash. Joe did. A mixture of Burney Rhodes meddling with Strummer's mind and Joe just being a prick. Listen, Joe is my favorite musician of all time and influenced me to pick up the guitar. I love him and miss him but He forced everyone out in my opinion.