Hold On Pain Ends review by The Color Morale

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  • Released: Sep 2, 2014
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 5.7 (13 votes)
The Color Morale: Hold On Pain Ends

Sound — 6
The Color Morale formed in 2007, and have now released four full-length albums. Metalcore, post-hardcore, label it as you'd like. From the sound section itself based off the first two singles, "Outer Demons," and "Suicide;Stigma" (featuring Dave Stevens of We Came As Romans), I noticed that they're trying to change up their sound once again. "Know Hope" was a drastic change to the previous two albums, but the only downside I thought was mainly guitar work. I couldn't get into Garret's clean vocals on the first two albums, but for some reason I really like them now. His deliverance at live shows may not be everyone's cup of tea. Some people say he basically just yells or talks now. I honestly think he's trying, and I enjoyed their performance at Warped Tour this past summer. The guitar work on this album hasn't changed too much from what was heard on "Know Hope." I just know that there isn't as many heavy parts, which honestly is not a bad thing. The drumming is solid, as usual though.

Lyrics — 8
TCM has always been well known for the overly positive message, which is what makes me love and respect the band. They never say they're amazing musicians, and such. They're just regular people like us telling us their story to the world. Garret Rapp has once again impressed me in the lyrical section. "Know Hope" was outstanding, lyrically. "HOPD" may seem cliche to some, but it's continuing the message that "Know Hope" seemed to have started. "Prey for Me" is a great example. "Where do I belong when everything I've loved has come and gone? Where do I belong when even my own shadow leaves me when darkness comes?"

Overall Impression — 8
Of course, there will be some TCM fans that will be disappointed with this album. They will comment on how Garret has changed his vocal style, and how the band's best albums were "We All Have Demons," and "My Devil in Your Eyes." Truth is, I think this album still has some variety, and some great songwriting. "Throw Your Roses," "Is Happiness a Mediocre Sin?", and "Scar Issues" are songs that features all cleans, as well as the title track, which is also acoustic. The Craig Owens feature on "Developing Negative" wasn't outstanding as well as the Dave Stevens feature in "Suicide;Stigma," but they surely did help the song slightly more interesting. Other than that, my favorite songs on this album are "Throw Your Roses," "Between You and Eye," "Lifeline (Left to Write)," and "Prey for Me" are my favorite songs. I think the most odd song on the whole album is "The Ones Forgotten by the One Forgetting." It just seems weird. I can't explain. Anyways, these guys are now on Fearless Records, which may or may not be better than Rise Records, but you be the judge. I think these guys are still making great music though!

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