Born Into This review by The Cult

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  • Released: Oct 2, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (7 votes)
The Cult: Born Into This

Sound — 9
Firstly I'd like to request more Cult tabs and reviews! Especially for their newest material! Come on guys! So, straight into the songs; if you're looking for the classic Cult psychedelic vibe, you're (mostly) in the wrong place with this album. While it retains some of that post-punk goth-rock sound they're most famous for, Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy really step into a new direction on Born Into This. It's less grittier than they're previous, effort, Beyond Good And Evil, which makes it instantly better on the first listen. Note I do believe BGAE is a great album, just not on the first listen!

01. Born Into This - starts off with a slick bassline that leads into some cool wah riff via Duffy. Verses could be considered slightly plain, but the wah guitar elevates them. Great Chorus and excellent guitar solo towards the end of the track. A general great start to the album!
02. Citizens - starts with a strange delay arpegio riff that could easily be on the Love album, after this great intro, the song slightly drops and follows a similar riff verse to the lead title. However a great chorus brings this song back up, and nice lead melodys add a great layer.
03. Diamonds - an innovative drum track starts this song off; followed by a bass/guitar riff combo, very cool. Another bass riff for the verse again, but a nicer tone on this song with some cool riffs in between each vocal section. Again another great chorus, which the Cult are very famous for, so it's expected! A catchy interlude is included towards the end which acts as a perfect bridge.
04. Dirty Little Rockstar - the main (and to date only) single from the album, often written as "DLR". Starts with a sweet bass riff followed by a 5ths riff on guitar. Upbeat drums and Ians voice is shown off alot. Again the lead in this track is minimal for most parts but is layered very well, especially in the chorus and there are also some synth parts used between sections which work great. Overall great song!
05. Holy Mountain - my personal least favourite track on the album, granted sometimes I like it, but it's just not my kind of song to be honest. Plain acoustic for the begining with some soft drumming to accompany. Ians voice is very deep and slow on this song which puts me off it generally. The highlights of this song are the use of the piano and the guitar melodys as they come in are great and the general build up, is slow but effective.
06. I Assassin - great intro riff and cool verses with only drumming and the odd guitar 5ths riff. The chorus has great layering again and the build up and let down back into the verse works well. Good vocal layering at the end of the song.
07. Illuminated - cool intro reminscent of the older Cult days, grabs the listener instantly. Followed by yet another bass orientated verse, this is becoming repetitive! But wait! A very subtle guitar melody comes through and elevates this song into the chorus. Another good, solid track.
08. Tiger In The Sun - my absolute favourite on the album by a long way! Amazing intro full of layers of guitar followed by a great bass and drum section that seems to eaze into the verse. The verses have a great sleazy beat with the background guitar and slides into the chorus perfectly. The chorus is so epic, you can really tell that this is one of those songs that just meant so much to the band. Subtle use of piano throughout this song also which works well.
09. Savages - odd intro of Ian singing chant-like with sleigh bell percussion, sounds like early Cult material from the Dreamtime album. Suddenly though, it kicks into another kickass rock riff. Verses and chorus gel perfectly again and has one of the best guitar solo on the album midway through the song, and then Ian starts singing over the top, which works very well. Layered vocals towards the end works a treat and there is a very subtle fast guitar lead that is barely audible to most but is great if you can pick it out. Shame they didn't bring it into the mix more!
10. Sound Of Destruction - a cool gritty guitar and bass peice starts this song off, quickly followed by Ians lyrics and then a palm muted guitar. Layered vocal "ooo's" work well in the chorus on this track. A great solo section on this track also which ends up being layered towards the middle of it, giving it more depth.

Lyrics — 8
Many of the Cult fans worries would be with regards to Ians singing abilitys, around 2001-2002, his voice appeared to be "shot" but he has proved yet again he can comeback to fine form. His vocals are more defined than previous efforts and it works really well with the songs. The general lyrics seem a lot different to other albums which have been based upon topics such as Native Americans and spirituality, this album seems to be written directly about Ian and how he feels about the world and about him and his personal experiences. The lyrics aren't always the best in the world, but they gel perfectly with the music that it makes them sound amazing. The best lyrics on the album are from Tiger In The Sun, which gives me shivers everytime, they feel so heartfelt and pure; lines such as "The childrens flesh for sale" and "I'm not who they want me to be, Come and take this light of me".

Overall Impression — 9
I have yet to hear any other albums that this could be compared with this, it's a really fresh new sound and it's a great step for the band, hope they continue making more albums! Best songs on the album are Tiger In The Sun, Sound Of Destruction, Diamonds, Savages and if you get the extended edition the track Stand Alone is amazing and should have been included on the main album. If this was stolen I'd definetly buy the album again!

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